Working Matrix Value patch for LanBox

  • Hi,

    I have been using Isadora with the LanBox for many years now, always with the LanBox Cannels actor. (Grate stuff, but this time i need some more controll)
    Now I try to connect to the LanBox with Matrix Value Send, Matrix Value Receive and LanBox Text actors, but with no luck. I have tried the example made by calfredson in 2011 (;search_string=Enttec%20Lanbox%20MATRIX;t=search_engine#9813) But get I det same flickering problem as described in the forum thread.
    Do anyone have a working Lanbox Matrix Value patch thay are willing to share? Or maybe advice me in the right direction? It would be very match appreciated. 

  • Hello,

    For me the strength of Lanbox is to avoid the sending of to much DMX information trough USB (or midi or ethernet). So I really prefer to record the cues, the times, the layers inside lanbox (trough LCedit or with home made Isadora patch) and during the show send only the "go to cue step", "set layer mix" etc.through TCP/IP or Midi connection.
    Very reliable and without any burden on the computer, leaving CPU and USB bandwidth for images…
    Hope that helps

  • Hi, I understand your problem, I have been facing it a lot. @jhoepffner approach is right, but in a lot of cases, mainly if you want to real-time generate your dmx values, working with cues might be limited ( or at least super boring to program ). After quite some time working on the lanbox, I ended using artnet with it. I never found a way using the lanbox commands to send let's say 300 values simultaneously. With artnet it's no problem. But artnet is not implemented in Isadora. It has been in requests some time ago, so @mark , I will put again this feature request. That would also open to communicating with lots of hardware ( light boards, Panasonic projectors,... ) Mehdi

  • @jhoepffner Thank you for the advices. I am a experienced Lighting designer and mostly I program my shows with conventional lighting consoles (grandMA, ETC, etc) When I am using Isadora for lighting control it is because I have som kind of special need I can't solve with the the conventional lighting consoles or the inbuilt programming of the LanBox. The open structure of Isadora is perfect for some of the projects I am doing.

    @keftaparty I have also requested inbuilt artnet for Isadora. It wold have been a huge implementation for me! How have you been using artnet in your projects? I am using VDMX with artnet and it works fine, but this time Isadora is the better choice...

  • @tilo I'm using artnet from vvvv ( windows only ). I've done some tryouts with Max & pd, but didn't go very far.

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    with the LanBox I also have a terrible flickering thats way I am now using DMX USB Pro and it works fine.

    Best Michel

  • Concerning artnet, I use a little ap named artNetProxy, who do the job of translating OSC to artnet
    I don't know if it's sufficiently fast for your use, but for me it works.
    Concerning lanbox cue, it can be boring with LCEdit but with my homemade Isadora Patch it begin to be easy (not ready to be shared…).
    What kind of flickering? I use Lanbox since ten years now and it never happe.
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    At the beginning my lanbox worked fine, but now when I change the brightness of a light the light filickers until I stop moving the fader. I can imagine that the lanbox is somehow broken.

    Best Michel

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    I've been using isadora with the lanbox for quite some years now and i made a user actor (called DMX router Matrix) that connects 512 matrix values to the lanbox channels.

    This actor is in my first scene that is always active.
    Now you can use the 'matrix value send' in an other user actor to patch the dmx. 
    I never had problems with this.