Blackmagic Intensity Pro - Input Selection

  • Hello Forum,

    I'm on my second recent project using the Blackmagic Intensity Pro (card) for SD capture in Isadora. On both projects, we've been unable to get Isadora to default to "Intensity NTSC/PAL" capture from the dropdown list of possible input types within the capture setup window. On one project this wasn't such a huge deal, since the camera capture was on though the entire performance, however on this current show we need to keep the capture off until precisely the moment we need it, to save on processor overhead.
    Problem is, on opening, Isadora always defaults to an "offline" input setting and has to be manually set to the correct input type. I set this in the menu, turn off capture, and wait for capture control to activate capture. But this doesn't seem to work. Capture control won't activate the camera, and the Intensity card then has to be rescanned and turned on manually to work. This patch's capture control has worked before with other devices (Canopus) so I don't think programming is the issue.
    So - wondering if there is there a way to edit the input list in the capture window, or otherwise force Isadora to default to the correct input setting, and how this interacts with camera control. If anyone has any information or experience getting over this problem I'd appreciate the advice.
    Ps: Early 2008 Mac Pro Quad Core with Intensity Pro Card and 2x ATI 5770 Graphics cards

  • Dear d_vat,

    Please send this to me as a bug report via -- please include all the information including the version of Mac OS X you are using. I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro. I can try this and see what happens. 
    My show 'loopdiver' opens in Berlin on Oct 18... it may take me a few days to get to it. So please send the bug report (to ensure I don't forget) and please be patient.
    Best Wishes,

  • I think this problem is the blackmagic preferences. Any software on mac that uses the qtkitgrabber does not see the preference either (only the older quicktime grabber that gives you the settings box will do it). This has made the device unusable for some using resolume and other software as they do not get the settings dialoge.

    To get around this I made a small app that has the settings and sends the video to syphon. It may help you- I cannot remember if it saves the capture settings but it does give access.
    Here it is

  • Also, have you tried turning on "Load/Save All Settings When Starting/Stopping Live Input" in the Video tab of the preferences? Enabling that function can (with some devices) lead to a long time when turning on the device... but maybe it will solve the problem? Give it a try.

    -- M