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    I've had a UDG and it was amazing!

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    I will post some measurements soon.. but really I was hoping for other model/brand recommendations. Finding one that is carryon compliant and fits my machine is proving to be difficult.

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    You can never go wrong with Pelican. Not as light as a soft bag, but they'll protect your equipment like no other. Watertight, airtight, damn-near indestructable, they equalize pressure automatically, can be locked, and are top of the line. (The Pelican Protector is their industrial-strength line, whereas their Pelican Storm line is aimed more at consumers and provides slightly less protection.) 
    Here's a [chart]( of all the Pelican cases sorted by size, (you can switch between inches and cm as well).
    I just bought a large Pelican for a large amount of equipment and used two different, 3D modeling freeware/websites to visualize how my equipment would fit when trying to pick the right case.
    The first was [Tinkercad]( I used it to create the case's internal dimension, then I made shapes with the dimensions of my equipment. Totally free software, plus you can save your work.
    The second was [mycasebuilder]( This one was easier, as you could choose from pre-existing models of Pelican cases and then just make 3D models of your equipment. (Just select "A case I already have" from the top right of the screen, then select the Pelican, or other case you want to try out.) This part of the site is made to help you design a custom foam insert for a case, but you can just use it for visualization purposes and not buy anything from them.
    Additionally, here the [Pelican 1510 Carry On Case](, which is the maximum size allowed by the FAA. The interior dimensions are 19.75" x 11" x 7.6", so it might be a bit of a tight fit, but it is usable as a carryon.

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    Thanks for the details.. the 1510 doesn't work since my laptops depth is 12inch ( w = 17in and h = 3in ).. actually just under each.. but these are safe.
    I will have to get back to looking again soon. Have been to into working with Izzy as of late.

  • I use Storm Cases. Usually modified by these guys:

    They also make great custom cases, of which I own many!

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    Does anyone have experience with Magma bags?

    This unit seems to qualify as carry-on luggage (not extended), which is one of my top requirements.

  • Hey DusX,
    This bag worked out perfectly for me on a recent Canada-wide tour. Fits my ASUS 17" ROG plus my 15" MacBook Pro in the same compartment, stills weighs under the requisite 20 lbs fully loaded with the 2 laptops, and fits under the seat in front of me, even on the small planes. Cheap, ugly and highly recommended:

    Everki Advance Laptop Bag - Briefcase, fits up to 18.4" | EKB407NCH18 | 18.4" Laptop Bags | Cool Laptop Bags | 18.4" Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Briefcases

    [Everki Advance Laptop Bag-Briefcase, Fits upto 18.4-Inch (EKB407NCH18): Computers & Tablets](

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    Thanks... these look very nice. I had not yet seen this brand.

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    Maybe to late but I have found this Italian company:

    Best Michel

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    That looks rather cool.. too late for me though.  :)