Intensity shuttle usb3 compatibility with Capitan

  • Hello all, and @Armando

    I wanted to buy a BM Intensity shuttle usb3 capture hardware to use it simultaneously with a BM ultra studio mini rec but resellers tell me it doesn't work with Mac (iMac 2015)...
    I already sent a post of my several hardware research
    and Armando told me using it without problem. I chose his configuration (a Matrox T2GO DP, a BM mini rec, a Intensity shuttle usb3)
    This solution is much cheaper than an Akitio thunderbolt PCI with a BM decking duo 2 (1/3 price) because I have already the mini rec, long HDMI cable and Display port / HDMI adapters...
    @Michel, you gave me good answers for a Mac Pro solution but the price was also a problem (I choose the material for a theater).
    I tried to contact BM support and this time they didn't give me answers yet.
    Any useful feedbacks ?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Fred,

    All I can say, is that I use a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0 on my MacBookPro (see signature) running OSX 10.11.4 , with a Matrox TrippleHead DP Edition, with no problems.
    About using simultaneously an Intensity shuttle and a BM Ultrastudio, I cannot say..


  • Izzy Guru


    I never used the Intensity shuttle usb3 so I don't habe any expiriences.

    Best Michel

  • I was crossing the dead lines so I broke my piggy bank and ordered an akitio thunderbolt PCI and a new deckling duo 2.

    I'll give you feedbacks.
    Thanks to the community.
    By the way I use 3 Optoma ultrashort lens W316 ST for rear projection.
    They do the job. 
    Attached 2 quick pict (a bit burned) taken when I first assembled the set.

    a40753-set-1.jpg 02365f-set-2.jpg

  • Beta Gold

    This is a very fast tutorial i did in 2014 with 2 intensity shuttle usb in the same machine plus afacetime camera. It is rough but shows that 2 usb interfaces can digitize on the same macbook pro...

  • @Armando,

    Hello thanks for that. I used to do the same with 2 BM thunderbolt mini rec. My doubt was coming from resellers who said it doesn't work with Mac !
    BM support just confirmed it was a mistake but too late because in-between I had to buy one. I chose the BM decklink duo 2 in a akitio thunderbolt 2 to pcie.
    have a good work.