• Hello,

    first of all, I'm not a professional "videoartist" or a "tecnicalmagician". 
    I learned how to use Isadora by using it and trying to solve the needs
    of several productions i worked on, the best i could. 
    ( my skills are not impressive– i might be able to exploit only 10% of the potentialities of the software…)  
    Excuse my mistakes with piece of hardware names or specs. 
    My problem is that for the next project i'm working on, i need one live video input in Isadora
    but i'm not sure if what i planned to buy/rent, will allow the magic to happen. 
    I'm using a mac mini late 2012 (os 10.11.5), 2,6 Ghz Intel Core i7 / 16Go 1600 Mhz DDR3 / Intel HD graphics 4000 1536 Mo.
    I would like to use the HDMI port of the computer to send the HD video signal to the videoprojector. 
    (distance of HDMI cable is ok and if it's too far, i use an HDMI > ethernet extention) 
    The problem is on the "other side." My mac mini needs a monitor so i planned to connect a CALDIGIT TS2 in order to plug in an hdmi  monitor.
    To capture video, i planned to connect with usb3 a Blackmagic ultrastudio SDI. On stage, a camera (Canon xf205 or Blackmagic cinema camera) will be connected through SDI to the ultrastudio. 
    Would be excellent to transmit the live feed through a wireless system such as a teradeck but first things first. 

    Mac mini CALDIGIT TS2 >hdmi>monitor

    Instead of the ultrastudio SDI would it be better to get an Intensity thunderbolt? How would i connect sdi cable? with a blackmagic sdi to hdmi miniconverter?
    I never used such hardware and before buying it i would be glad if one fo you could give me 
    some piece of advice about the hardware and best ways to make this installation? 
    Thanks in advance for your help! Best regards

  • @sandrosan. you can always run a mac mini headless if needed https://macminicolo.net/blog/files/an-hdmi-adapter-for-a-headless-mac-mini.html

    there is also self-made one tutorials online. I run my mac mini always headless

  • @gapworks
    Thank you for your answer.
    This is a good suggestion. 
    But do you know if i'd better get a blackmagic ultrastudio SDI or a blackmagic Intensity thunderbolt with a SDIto HDMI converteer
    to capture live video in Isadora?

  • I use an Ultrastudio Mini Recorder for capture. it has both SDI and HDMI inputs - switchable using the Blackmagic Video Utility.

  • Thank you,
    I'll start with that to capture live video.