Scene list contextual menu option to soft activate and deactivate secondary scenes

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    First, I just want to celebrate what Isadora is and the creative possibilities that it allows me to explore. Thanks to all who contribute to its development.

    Within many of my Isadora projects at least one scene functions as a 'master' or 'parent' scene, therefore the ability to activate or deactivate a dependent or secondary scene from the Scene List contextual menu would be a great addition, particularly during the development and prototyping of a project.

    I notice in the Isadora Manual (V2 March 2016 page 92) it states "Generally speaking, only one scene is active at a time. However, you can use the Activate Scene and Deactivate Scene actors to layer content from more than one scene at a time." It is perfect to be able to combine scenes in layers, which is the result of that functionality. It is unrealistic and cumbersome to fumble around with the Activate Scene and Deactivate Scene actors during rapid prototype and development sessions. It is pretty frustrating using these actors to find the individual scenes to activate and deactivate when experimenting and developing secondary scenes as layers for a parent or master scene output. 
    One solution is to implement a soft 'activate' and 'deactivate' scene option within the Scene List drop down menu. There may be other options to consider what working with layers in Isadora might mean.
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    I agree, complex projects could benefit from some more control regarding secondary scenes.
    Please enter a feature request (see my signature).
    I will make sure this gets into our list of features to consider.
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    Thanks, have submitted a feature request.