TripleHead2Go Matrox DP edition with video projectors

  • Hi there! This is my very first message on this forum, I've done many research on the internet without having a solution yet. My name is Mat and I'm currently working for a video production company.

    I'm having an issue with my matrox triplehead card. My setup goes like this : I'm doing a mapping video with 3 video projectors connected with HDMI to the Matrox. The Matrox is connected to a Mac (OSX El Capitan) via mini display port and usb. I also using SwitchResX to display my screen onto my wall for video mapping. Everything is working well. My problem is that when my computer starts I need to reconnect everytime the USB of the matrox otherwise it isn't reconize. Also if I plug an additional screen with DVI when the matrox is not recognized, the screen make a signal and make the matrox work. Would you have any idea why it is doing this ? Is there a solution to make the matrox recognized on startup ?

    Many thanks for your help!

  • Tech Staff

    I think the usb is just for power. So perhaps it isn't getting power early enough for initializing with the system. You could try plugging the usb into a powered usb hub. Then it will always be powered.

  • Thanks Dusx, I will try that nice idea!