Logitech C920

  • Is it compatible with Isadora on Mac 10.8.5 ? It appears on the device list but selecting it doesn't work, Izzy stays focused on my factime HD...

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    Funny you should mention this. I literally bought one last week for an installation. At first it looked as though it wouldn't work, but after a little while it started working. I cannot remember exactly what I did. It might be looking for a Mac driver, though I don't really doing much other than unplugging/replugging/restarting the computer. I can confirm though, it does work with Isadora and Macs.


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    I have one. Love it. Been working fine from day one. I am on  OS X 10.11 though.

    Is it working now - please keep us updated. 

  • Downloaded thé Logitech setting app. It is supposed provide access to focus, pan tilt, white balance, etc but this doesn't work. I can now open the webcam in Izzy though. Some users I point some color problems on the mac, but I didn't have enough time to test this properly. The mactaris app is mentioned on the Logitech forum as fully functional. Such a pity Logitech can't provide a true solution for its hardware.

  • does it see infrared?

  • i'm using 2 c920 and everything works fine... sometimes there is a big lag but changing usb port solve the problem. the logitech app works great too .... i'm under osx 10.9.2 ... @dbini really not shure that it could see infrared.

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    If you have a infrared remote, point it to the camera and if you see the light you know if it can see infrared.

    Best Michel

  • ...just try, no visible infrared points...

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    ok, thanks @artoo.

  • Do you think there is a way to control this camera with Izzy (focus, pan tilt, white balance, etc) ?

  • with izzy you can control some parameters like flip, brigthess/contrast/saturation, white balance and some others... for the focus you have the logitech's app: Logitech camera setting >>>

  • Thank you @artoo but which download you mean ?
    I consider to buy 2 Logitech PTZ Pro camera. They have a great image quality and can pan&tilt with a 10x zoom. I will search a solution to control the 2 camera "in live"
    Thank you


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