Crash on start-up with SD card plugged in

  • Isadora Crashes on start-up if I have an SD card inserted. It's strange, and it took a while to figure out.

    I have a Clevo P570WM
    Isadora 2.2.2, and tried previous 2.1 version as well
    Windows 10
    Realteck PCIE Card Reader
    Device PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_5229&SUBSYS_522910EC&REV_01\00000001004CE00000 requires further installation.
    crash report attached

  • Tech Staff

    I have a clevo as well (different model) I will try to reproduce this on my machine. Does it matter what is contained on the SD card?

  • Izzy Guru

    Wow that's very weird. Did you have isadora reading any images or videos from it in the patch by any chance?

  • Tech Staff

    I am unable to reproduce the issue on my machine.

    It maybe some hardware setting where a drive letter is being assigned when the card is inserted, that doesn't match a path Isadora is looking for.
    Take a look at how your drive letters are defined when the card is in and out.
    Could Isadora paths (global user actors, FFGL etc..) be affected by the way the drives are being assigned?

  • This is happening to me too, on my laptop (see sig) and is 100% reproducible.
    (and thank goodness for previous bug report or I would never have figured out what's happening)

    Have emailed crash report.

    Nothing changes WRT drive letter definition when SD card is in or out: it gets assigned to its own drive letter, other drive letters are unaffected including  Izzy's global user actor folder.

  • Dear mark_m,

    What drive letter appears when you insert the SD Card?
    And what drive letter are you using for your system? (Normally it's C:\ but... just for sake of completeness)
    Best Wishes,

  • C: for the system
    Then a drive partitioned into two: D for Data and E for Video,
    The SD card gets given H



  • I think the problem is related to Isadora registration dependency on computer configuration/windows installation and drive order. I'm guessing this because Isadora-reverted to demo when I upgraded my D drive and kind of remember that the SD card issue occurring with the drive upgrade, but that may not be true and that it may have preceded it. 
    I'm glad my report and fix was useful,
    I have
    C: for windows/programs
    D: for Document folder/ moved from default windows folder
    Y: additional Data on  third drive- I changed it to different letters while I was troubleshooting the Isadora crash
    G: SDXC card
    I: DVDRW
  • Tech Staff

    I just did a number of tests on my Clevo system (details in signature) and I have not problems launching Isadora with or without a SD card inserted (the SD is assigned Drive G on my system)

    I tested 2.2.2 and newer.

  • It's really a non issue for me.

    Yeah, I have an older D900F Clevo and don't have the problem, I don't recall having the problem with my current 2 years old  Clevo P270WM system until recently so it's most likely related to very specific circumstances. 

    The crash does not occur with the demo version of isadora but it's persistent with older stand-alonbe registered versions of Isadora
  • Tech Staff

    I have created a support ticket for this issue, so that I can continue to test it with every release.

    @mark_m do you still have the issue with the latest beta?

  • Hi Ryan

    I do. Just sent you a crash report to prove it.
    SD card in, crash every time.
    SD card out, all fine.

    This is not the highest priority thing, but it can lead to panic and stress if you don't know why you can't get Isadora to start. It crashes pretty instantly.