Kinect Version 2 and Windows

  • Hello @DusX

    I have the Kinect V2 and Windows playing very nicely with each other via OSC. Soooo easy compared with the Kinect V1 via Processing palaver.
    Have you, or do you know if anyone else has, mapped all the OSC inputs from the Kinect Skeleton to OSC listeners in Isadora? If not, I'll get on with it...



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    I have been playing with this as well and should have a nice openframeworks app that shares all the video formats via Spout and sends skeleton data via osc soon. I will be sharing it. A user actor that listens for a skeleton would be useful it would be nice if you could set it's skeleton number. Since v2 tracks multiple people so easily. These are all things I will probably need to work thru as I finish the OF app. Since I will be coding the osc addresses. Did you use that utility I posted earlier to get the osc skeleton? It's a great start for sure. ( I just really want the video for masking as well ;)

  • Yes, that's right, I used the Kinect to OSC utility you posted.

    All I've been trying to do is simple Skeleton tracking.
    As I understand it each joint has four values (x,y,z and tracking state)
    So I've started making a user actor which will contain those for each joint, but I didn't want to go too far in case I was just reinventing the wheel!
    I'm having a bit more trouble with the hands, but I'll persevere.

    I think that it can identify and track six people but only two skeletons... at least that's what I read on the MS website, but also it's hard to tell what's current info, which version of Kinect 2 webpages refer to, etc.

    I'll post here when it's done for feedback. Won't be in the next couple of days!

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    I'll let you know if I get anything ready to share as well... It won't be in the next couple of days either ;)