Kinect Sensor & Isadora on OSX 10.6.8?

  • Hi all.  Following the tutorials for the Kinect (model 1473) I downloaded Processing 2.2.1, but I can't run it on OSX 10.6.8.
    I tried with Processing 1.5.1 and manually downloading and installing oscP5 and Syphon for Processing (unfortunately the oldest version I could find on the Syphon website is for Processing 2).  Not surprisingly I get a series of errors when Processing tries to set up Syphon.

    Does anybody have the Kinect working with OS 10.6.8?

    Thanks for any help,

    Eric 886ae2-screen-shot-2016-07-25-at-12.34.12.png

  • Tech Staff

    Sorry I can't be of much help here; not on 10.6.x

    I wonder if @Marci could help us out here? 

  • I know, I'm still in the stone age, but I really like 10.6.8...

  • Kinect definitely works with 10.6 and Processing 1.5--if I recall, the last OpenNI 1 version of the SimpleOpenNI library should do the trick; it can handle both depth and skeleton tracking, and performs quite well. Syphon might be trickier, but try this:
    ...or, if you can use openFrameworks instead, addons of that vintage should be able to get you depth + skeleton + osc + Syphon in one app, and there are probably already a lot of similar examples out there that can run on 10.6.

  • Tech Staff

    I do not believe it's possible to follow the tutorials instructions with 10.6.x

    As N1ckFG has noted it may be possible with other software configurations.


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