• I'm starting a new thread in a different category because I haven't gotten many responses in the Knowledge Base. Although, it sounds many folks are in Berlin at the Isadora Convening.  Wish I could be there and get some free help!

    I'm trying to do the simplest thing. I need to bring live feed into Isadora via a pretty run-of-the-mill Canon camcorder. I've done this tons of times but before I upgraded to 2.0\. I used to use a usb video capture in conjunction with the Video Glide software. Now that doesn't seem to work. Video Glide works fine, with several different usb devices and two different cameras...but Izzy won't see it.
    Isadora Gure Skulpture was trying to help me but to no avail. One of his suggestions was to go back to Izzy 2.1, which I did. There, Izzy did see a composite feed in the devices drop down in Live Capture Settings, but still wouldn't take in the image.  It sounds like I could buy a Black Magic Intensity and go hdmi instead of composite, and I guess I'll break down and do that, but I'm afraid that, too, won't work. I would just love to hear if anybody else has had this issue with usb capture and if they resolved it any other way than buying a $200 device (and I need two of them). 

  • Hi,

    This is no real solution but maybe you could try to get your stream through Syphon...

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I know nothing about how Syphon works...I did download it but haven't messed with it much yet. Frankly it's a mystery to me. I honestly don't even know how Syphon takes in the camera feed...

  • Hi, assuming you're on a Mac, there's a nifty free app called Syphoner. Download, install. Run Videoglide to get your camfeed, open Syphoner and in the GUI select the stream from Videoglide. Open Isadora and find the actor 'syphon receiver' (or sth like that). Connect it to a projector actor. In the input field of the receiver actor mouse-click abd select Syphoner and you should be good to go. You might want to disable the capture device input in Isadora, not sure whether having the feed come in from both Syphon and the video in pane would cause any conflicts. Hope this helps Cheers!

  • AWESOME!!!! Thanks. That did it!! I had tried Syphon before but this method was far, far, far easier. I really appreciate your help.

  • You're very welcome, that's what we're here for ;) cheers

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    Glad you have a work around - i'd still be interested to find out what the issue was/is.

  • Well...this got us through our thankfully relatively informal work-in-progress showing, but it's not a long-term solution. We had to run the video at 8 fps so it was slow and it would freeze unless the syphon window was active, which made running cues on Izzy...you know...impossible without the feed freezing. I'm sure I'll break down and buy black magic for the main live feed, but we are actually doing two live feeds to two different computers and we're on a TIGHT budget. Plus...I just don't get it. Why won't usb capture work any longer, especially since the video glide works fine?

    Skulpture (or anyone!) -- is there anything else I can do to figure this out and see if I can get it up and running? Or is trying to do usb video capture just hopelessly old school and I should just forget it?
    Please let me know your thoughts. 

  • Don't know if that helps, but I am using the Logitech HD Pro C920... Works fine for me... Straight from USB into IZZY using the Video In watcher...

  • Yeah, webcams work fine (I imagine because they have their own drivers). It's that I'm running a camcorder through a usb video capture in conjunction with the video glide software. Izzy is not reading Video Glide when once it did. So...Yeah.

  • Hi @jrhooker. I use a EasyCap DC60+ through VideoGlide into Isadora and I haven´t got any problem. I am in OS X 10.11.6.

  • thanks @jandraka...similar to what I'm using...but newer...what version of izzy are you running?

  • I am in 2.2.2. and VideoGlide 1.5.5

  • Huh. Good to know...maybe I'll just buy a newer (still very cheap) video capture and see if that does the trick.  Thanks a lot for your insight!

  • Hi @jandraka...is it possible for you to send me a screengrab of your live capture settings and the video glide video settings...probably compression. I bought the unit you suggested and I'm still having NO luck.

    @mark -- do you have any ideas about this?  Again, to reiterate...I used to be able to do live feed using a cheap usb video capture and it worked great for my needs. Now I cannot do it, no matter what I try. I really need to use composite video for this situation and I guess I could upgrade to Blackmagic but a) I need three of them and that gets to be costly and b) I'm not sure it will work. Any ideas as always appreciated.  VideoGlide reads my camera just fine, but Izzy doesn't read VideoGlide (I used VideoGlide + Syphon and that worked sort of but the video was very choppy). I'm just a little baffled.
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    Maybe submit it as a bug report @jrhooker?