Sony AS-15 action cam wi-fi link - to isadora ?

  • Hello,

    Has anyone thought about, or tried, using the new Sony HDR AS-15 helmet camcorder as a live camera input in isadora ?,-Compact,-Rugged,-HD-video,-action-camcorder,-Go-Pro,-Skateboarding,-Cycling,-Hiking,-Wi-Fi,-AS15/en/p/HDRAS15/B#specifications
    The camera has built in wi-fi and is advertised as being able to be monitored and remote controlled by a smartphone using the sony playmemories mobile app. Monitoring on a computer is not mentioned anywhere, but it seems idiotic to me that this would be possible on a phone and not on a computer. Indeed, a sales clerk at B&H vaguely told me that it should work on a properly enabled laptop.
    Then, there is a question of whether isadora could pick up the signal. Would this require a special adaptation to the program ? Could it work generically through something like syphon ?
    Your thought or actual experience shall be much appreciated.
  • Izzy Guru

    It says it can transfer videos wirelessly but im not sure it will do wirless video playback.

    There is a possibility it would work but wireless video just isnt there yet in my opinion. It is close I think.