Running Isadora from Qlab

  • Hello,

    I'd like to use one mbp for a show where I use Qlab to run Isadora using perhaps the solution described here below. I wonder if anyone's done this, I'm having a spot of trouble with it. The show's not very demanding video-wise, and I've only got one operator. I've got a 2.2Ghz Quad core with 16 GB RAM and 1024 MB VRAM, with an SSD. 
    My first problem is I can't keep the MIDI in monitor status window alive while I switch to Qlab to test the connectivity between Qlab and Isadora. It disappears when I click on the Qlab UI, so I can't really tell if MIDI is getting from Qlab to Isadora. The second problem is that it jumps several scenes. Any thoughts?
    Also I wonder if it's better to use OSC. Anyone have any experience with that?
    Much obliged,
    Alex Williams
    Sound and Video Designer
    Toronto, Canada

  • Hey alex,

    For the first problem, try this [](
    The second problem is that it jumps several scenes..  that i dont understand..
    OSc is very solid, but for sending triggers out of IZZi, midi should do it..

  • Hey Deliriodelux, Thanks for the midi monitor. Still troubleshooting...

    Have you used OSC to trigger Isadora from Qlab? If so, what will I need to do it?

  • Alex,

    No i didn't .
    But, open izzi preferences, in midi/net set  port number, put the same that you have in Qlab, close izzi, open izzi again, go to Communication--- stream setup, check auto detect input, and start triggering from qlab.. you should see OSC coming in..
    Thats the basic.. but i dont know Qlab, so i don t know if there are specific problems.. 
    hope it helps..

  • Dear Alex,

    Were you able to solve your problems, with MIDI or OSC? If you still need help let me know and I'll try to post a better series of steps to get the programs communicating.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, Midi's working fine with different note numbers. Couldn't figure out the reason it was jumping so far ahead, but worked around by creating a new izzy file. Decided to go another route and render out the effects to bring them into qlab to have one interface. 

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