GLSL (BookOfShaders) into Isadora

  • I really wanted to attend the workshop on GLSL shaders last week, but was flat out with the Bang the FX session and now hoping some of you kind folk can offer me some pointers..
    I am looking at integrating GLSL shaders into a scene and following the tutorials here in the forum with success, i've got all shader toy examples working.
    I am really interested in incorporating some of the shaders I find here  []( 
    Particularly this one [](
    I have tried others on the site and they all seem to compile okay and without issues but my stage is always left blank,
    am I missing something?

  • Dear Jaygo,

    Use the Find/Replace function (hit Command-F on Mac, Control-F on Windows whilst in the Shader Editor) and replace all instances of **u_resolution** with **resolution**, and **u_time** with **time**. If you do that it will work. (u_resolution and u_time would be "non-standard"... dunno why they chose these.)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark

    Ah, that explains it, thank you..
    Book of Shaders seems to be a wonderful resource on GLSL shaders and helps explain how they work very clearly, really useful for anyone wanting to understand more, I'm glad we can use the functionality of these within Isadora.

  • Nice find Jaygo. a lovely book.

  • Hi All !  Has anyone experienced problems with the shadertoy Web. Its impossible to see the examples. Safari quits al the time also Chrome.

    Thanks a lot 
  • Izzy Guru


    works fine for me in Safari and Firefox.

    Best Michel