IP camera to Spout? (Windows, obviously!)

  • Has anyone run across a method of getting video from an ip camera into Spout (and therefore into Isadora), or indeed into Isadora directly?

    I have managed to do it via Manycam ( a great little program) but I would like to get several ip camera feeds into Isadora simultaneously.



  • Talking to myself here... :-)

    One solution could be TCP Spout,
    But I can't figure out how to install it or get it going at all...

    Another might be Spout to NDI.
    "“Spout to NDI” is a set of programs that allow Spout senders and receivers to share video, not only with each other but also by way of a network using the NewTek NDI (“Network Device Interface”) protocol"

    I've certainly got it working to send Spout textures across the network.
    It comes with Freeframe plugins which work in Isadora (make sure to read the PDF and install these and the Processing .dlls properly)  creating actors NDIreceiver and NDIsender, which bring in/send spout textures across the network.

    Now I need to figure out how I could translate this to capturing an IP camera output via Newtek NDI into Isadora.
    Lots on Newtek NDI here.

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    Not sure how you would grab the IP feed.

    Its great to hear you have the NDI stuff working... I have been meaning to play with this.. and it also has mac support via syphon I believe so cross OS network video sharing is possible :)
    What types of IP video feeds are you using.. I might be able to help.
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    Are the IP streams you are needing to connect to MJPEG ?
    How many streams do you need simultaneously?

  • @DusX

    Hi Ryan, I'm trying to get IP feed from cheapo camera. I can get it to work via the cheapo camera's cheapo software,(the CMS software) but can't get video into VLCplayer, or Manycam.
    It's H264, not MJPEG, which might be the issue...  but I want a lot of cameras (want to surround the performer on stage and project the feed from all cams simultaneously to look like a very large CCTV control room panel) and since these were very cheap I thought I'd try one out. Also cheap enough to crack it open and see if one can put it into permanant night-shot mode for a cheapo IR camera.

    Did I say this camera was cheap?

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    Ah.. I had a solution for MJPEG... I will have to look a little further for H264.

    I will get back to you.
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    Is there a online test stream available?

  • There is an online test stream: will PM you the details, and you'll get to peer into my living room...