Important Message about the Kagi Store Closure - Please Read

  • Dear Community,
    As I hope you all know by now, the Isadora Werkstatt was a tremendous success. The entire team and I were proud to share the new features in Isadora v2.5 during my keynote, and to give you all a road map for the future. To see our community come together to learn and share was the realization of a personal dream for me.
    While still flying high from that experience, TroikaTronix received some unfortunate news. Twenty-four hours after the Werkstatt ended, I got a very short email from, the company that has hosted our online store for 14 years. It said Kagi was going out of business immediately. This news came without any warning whatsoever, and affects hundreds of developers like TroikaTronix. Two days later, things got a bit worse: Kagi had filed for bankruptcy and it was now unclear if we would ever receive the money owed to us for June and July.
    Given this turn of events, this is what we want you to know:
    • Thanks to careful and conservative business practices, TroikaTronix as a company is totally safe and will continue operations as normal.
    • All orders made in June and July (the period for which we will not be paid) have been honored by TroikaTronix; for those new Isadora users, Kagi's closure will have no effect.
    • Kagi stated that their data privacy policy will continue to be respected, saying that "The database of customer data will not be sold or transferred to a third-party."
    • Our new online store, hosted by, has been up and running since August 6th.
    That being said, we do have a serious challenge in front of us now: we need to find a way to reach the roadmap goals announced at the Werkstatt even though we've got significantly less money to work with. It costs money to pay talented people to make Isadora better for you and the entire Isadora community. The team and I are considering some inventive options to fill this financial gap, because we don't want those crucial roadmap items to be delayed. You'll hear what we've come up with relatively soon.
    So, if there was ever a time you wanted to share your enthusiasm and belief in Isadora with colleagues and friends, now is that time.
    There was a great article on the v2.5 launch at the Werkstatt written by Peter Kirn of (link below). Once v2.5 is released, we'll ensure this article gets a wide audience via social media and other channels. What we need right now are personal recommendations.
    If you were to email/private message one or two people you know, say a few words about why Isadora works for you, and share the CDM article, it would be of tremendous help. Spending five minutes to do this is the most important action you can take to help smooth over this bump in the road.
    In addition, if you're not in the middle of a show, get the v2.5 beta and start using it. Your bug reports will help us deliver a super-stable Isadora v2.5\. You can find out where to download it by [clicking this link](
    In the end, Isadora and TroikaTronix will do just fine. Not only because of the efforts of the team, but because of our flourishing community of users. We're committed to making The Creativity Server live up to its name in every way, and are very glad you're coming along for the ride.
    Sincerely + With Thanks,
    Mark Coniglio + The TroikaTronix Team
    CDM Link on the v2.5 Launch ->

  • What a nightmare about Kagi. I'm glad the hit isn't taking Troikatronix down with it.

    I'm running an event next week, starting with introducing Isadora to 5 media students, then we'll be working with a group of artists from around the globe for three days of creative dance/tech play.
    3 or 4 of the international artists use Isadora already, but this will be an initiation for the others. I'm looking forward to introducing the new features in Izzy 2.5. 
    I was talking to somebody last week who started learning Izzy a few years ago, but hasn't really got to use it for a show. I think this type of user could be useful to connect with. Maybe some people found Izzy 1 a bit restrictive for what they want to do, and moved over to Qlab or something. Izzy 2 is so much more powerful and stable that it would be good to let people know about the improvements.
    Is there a database from the old forum - users who haven't posted for a couple of years - that you could mailout to?
  • Beta Gold

    I'll do whatever I can to help. Just tell when spread Isadora 2.5 articles links trout personal email and social media.

    With you, always.
  • Izzy Guru

    This was really bad news about Kagi. Whilst I am sure they didn't want this to happened it's poor that they can close and not forewarn users. Its a bloody good job you are organised Mark (and Xenia) because this could be a devastating blow to troikatronix.

    I hope that the new 2.5 release with its forward thinking features and ever increasing stability generate more sales for you Mark.
    As i've mentioned privately in staff email; I think a donation button or some kind of kick starter campaign to generate income might work; but the money would have to be set to a target such as "we aim to raise XXXX in order to pay Mr/Mrs XXXX XXXX to create XYZ and ABC and if time allows DEF." I know some of your ideas but they are private between us staff - for now. Anyway - just a though. 
  • Tech Staff

    I'm so sorry to hear this and will do whatever I can to help.

    I have to say that I strongly agree with the comment @Skulpture made about opening up an avenue for donations. Based on the modest price of an Isadora license and how satisfied our wonderful community always is with Isadora, I'd wager that a donation button, (even without any strings/specific goals), or a Kick Starter/Indiegogo/GoFundMe campaign would see a decent amount of traffic. As a community we've probably asked for your help multiple times a day for a number of years, right? I'm sure that I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that we'd be glad to return the favor. Since it's going towards the development of Isadora features, any donation would benefit not just TroikaTronix, but the community as a whole; by donating we would be helping ourselves at the same time.
  • Beta Platinum

    Just came back from my holidays and hear this shocking news. I will do all to promote this incredible software. The werkstatt was such an amazing experience and meeting the staff and community live was so inspiring. I strongly believe Troikatronix will not only survive this hard time, it will be even more growing after such events like the Werkstatt. Keep on the good work!

  • I just left Berlin and just finished a couple shows and finally catching a breath, I was there with Mark when this happened. I have to say that I'm so impressed how he has been dealing with it, and how generous and big hearted he is! TroikaTronix isn't like other companies and corporations, it is actually an artist-driven, innovative and soulful organization that Mark is leading with such wonderful artist community people making more dreams can come true. It is something that really deserves lots of support. 

    I second @Skulpture @Woland about setting up a donation system!

    or at least put a line saying something like "Isadora/TroikaTronix is an artist community driven software that isn't at all profit driven, we appreciate your support, if you're interested making donations please email or call xxxxx".

  • Beta Platinum

    Hi @Mark,

    I would like to help TroikaTronix by purchasing upgrades.
    Please provide an indication of what is planned for cost of upgrade to v2.5, so that I can make plans to upgrade a couple of v1 seats. I would be happy to upgrade them, but with v2.5 looming it will need to be cost effective.
  • Izzy Guru

    @bonemap. The upgrade to V2.5 is free once you have upgraded to V.2.

    In GBP the upgrade per license is £99 - not sure on your location/currency. 
  • Beta Platinum

    @skulpture Thank you for the advice

  • Izzy Guru

    No problem. Not sure if you are eligible for academic discount or not? As this would alter price also. @bonemap

  • Dear @bonemap,

    To be really clear about the pricing: if you've already upgrade to v2.x, then v2.5 is a free upgrade. If you have not already upgraded to version 2, then upgrades are US$125 per license. There is no academic discount on upgrades.
    If you are purchasing new licenses, Isadora v2.x is US$450, with a $50 academic discount if you are eligible.
    All that being said, you can help us without incurring any cost at all: if you are teaching at a University, and know a colleague at another University that might see the benefits of having Isadora at his or her institution, then send an email to let them know. Personal recommendations are how Isadora has always grown, and a few words from you along with the article mentioned above would be very much appreciated from our side. 
    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Platinum

    Hi @Mark, I will arrange for some upgrades. It might take a few weeks to go through the system Previously multiple instances of the same license would be recognised on a network. Is that still the case?

    Cheers Bonemap

  • @bonemap,

    "Previously multiple instances of the same license would be recognised on a network. Is that still the case?"
    Yes, if you have a single seat license and you run it on two computer on the same network, Isadora will force one of the two copies into demo mode.
    Best Wishes,

  • hello Mark, sorry to hear about that..

    I know it's probably not the most inventive use of Isadora, but in the ministry world this is very new in a small church, our VBS used Isadora to run the entire stage show, sound and video mapping.  It's turned some heads that technology can be good (small town) and I'm hoping after releasing these videos today online, that Troikatronix will get some inquires from other churches..

    keep of the great work, can't wait to try 2.5

  • i'm shocked to read the news.

    i'm glad that i have been dilly dallying over upgrading, at least now when i do the money will go to the correct people.
    to all of you impacted by the news you have my sympathy and support and in time this will be another part of the incredible journey that you make a route for.
  • Tech Staff

    I have introduced Isadora to a local media center that offers classes and equipment to local artists.

    Although primarily focused on print media (traditional printing presses and screening) they have introduced digital media, and have both committed to purchasing Isadora licenses, as well as, having classes on the use of Isadora taught.
    Hopefully I can convince the students to join our community.
  • Izzy Guru

    I also have jus started a new job at Backstage Academy.

    The course leader has scheduled plenty of Isadora sessions into year 1 and 2\. Hopefully this will help also.

  • This is gutting.

    In my view Troika Tronix have always been so generous with your licensing structure, allowing full usability for testing with no license etc, it's a real kick in the teeth when you don't get the cash you're entitled to.
    But well done for running such a tight ship that you can sail through this storm.
    I'll be nudging some people to buy some copies in the coming weeks, and some others to upgrade who I know haven't. Hopefully it'll help.

  • I also would like to express my sorrow at this turn of events. I know all to well the ramifications of these unfortunate events. I suspect the last license I purchased for a client may have fallen into that pit and feel extra bad.

    I support Skulpture's suggestion of the donation button or some mechanism at any rate and love the idea of being able to tag it to features - great incentive. 
    Thanks as ever for your tireless work and the generosity and support you bring with it.
    Let us offer a little back in return.