Updating hardware. AMD FirePro W600 vs GF GTX 1070/1080\. What the best?

  • Dear Developers & Members!

    Could anyone help me to choose between these video-cards to use with Isadora?
    Currently I use integrated Intel video-card both with GF GS 8400 to show content on two 720p-HDMI videowalls(1080p also supported) and one beamer 1024x768\. Sometimes we rent a LED (6x4metters, 1080p/720p, HDMI) instead beamer. Usually, we use it to show HD-videos and pics. 
    I want to update hardware to get more performance & stability(sometimes I have issues with display order because of two defferent video-cards), but i can't understand what practical difference between Pro-level & gaming-level videocards? Which one the best?
    Also I use my PC to Edit video(AE & Edius).
    Maybe you could recomend me other videocards?
    belows links to vendors of these cards:
    Thanks in advance.
  • Izzy Guru


    I am not a Windows guy so I cannot recommend you any cards, but just to say it does not make any sense to play 720p or 1080p movies if your projector is only 1024x768. To save resources try to convert the resolution of the movie to the resolution of the projector.

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    I don't know how to compare the gf vs amd cards... they are very different beasts.

    The gaming cards probably have much more powerful GPU's and will allow you to use many more FFGL + Shaders, but they lack the 6 easy outputs.
    As for Editing, I beleive Adobe utilizes GF features that will speed up AE, not sure about Edius.
    If you are running upto 3 1080p HD outputs, either cards will handle it fine I believe.
    Personally I like/trust nvidia cards, since they have always worked well for me... 
    Right now I am running a GTX 870m, and I can easily run 3x 1080p outputs with multiple FX, although I recently found my video cards limit while using many GLSL shaders.
    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, DusX , Michel  for your comments!

    As i understand, NVidia cards more preferable.