Suggection about Scaler performance improovment

  • Dear developers! In my user actors I use gpu-scaler to fit video to desired resolution. In my last patch i've found reducing of fps. I've perform several tests and find, that scaler perform scaling even if source video exactly match to output resolution. Of course, I can improve my patch to check if scaling resolution match desired output and bypass scaler, but maybe possible to implement this checking into scaler? What do you think? Thanks! Mikhail

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    If this is indeed what is happening it sounds like a great feature improvement.
    Please submit the feature request via the link found in my signature.
    This ensures it is recorded with all other feature requests.

  • Good day, DusX ! Thanks for your reply. Ok, I will send feature request.

    Problably, today is "Scaler"-optimizing day for me. :) We plan to make event at 24 Aug, but Isadora shows me only 13 fps as output. I very nervous and trying to find a problem. By the way, also i've found that Aero-interface for windows reduce output fps.
    I found another issue with scaler when my source GPU is picture player. Since no difference what source I use as source for Scaler, it perform scaling for each frame in GPU-in. As result, also reducing of fps when i show pictures, because of scaling same souce frame.

    Could you help me how to detect, that GPU is still-frame picture. In this case i would scale source-picture only one time, then try to use freezing-scaled image As output. It will allow to bypass scaler and don't perform scaling for same frames.

    What do you recomend? 
    Thanks in advance.
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    You might want to add a freeze actor after the scaler, and have the output of the scaler, trigger the freeze.. I think that could work (you would also need to bypass the scaler)

    Otherwise if you router the scaler output to a non connected router output... it should kill the chain before it..
    Just thoughts.

  • @DusX :

    Yes, I've plan to show freezed picture after scaler, but how to determine, that GPU-stream to scaler is Picture-stream?
    I have two different user Actors: first one is producing GPU (PicturePlayer/MoviePlayer/WatchChannel, second one is outputting userActor, which scales GPU to certain size(screen size) and shows on stage. Maybe there is a way to determine frame changes in GPU? this would be the best option!