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  • Hi folks, I am looking into buying a video switcher for my work place. One goal is to set up a "KeepItUp4Ever" system containing two macs as suggested at Michel's workshop in Berlin. An other goal would be to have the option to use multiple video projectors or screens. I have been looking at ATENs webpage and BlackMagic, but must admit, that the options and price range do not make it easy... Is there any one of you, who could recommend something that works with IZZY and is not so pricy? How important are the Audio options? And how many outputs should one go for? Any input is welcome ;o)

  • I can recommend the ATEMS, for seamless gear they are pretty cheap and hardware will be better than a computer every time IMHO. Just get the model that suites you needs. They also make a seamless switcher model (not a mixer but it has frame-syncs on the inputs) that is easier to control but has way less features.

    You will find that if you really want seamless, you will pay a fair bit. There is always the V-1HD from roland but it is still €1000, but for €1400 you get the ATEM Production Studio 4K, twice as many inputs, up to 4K resolution and an AUX out as well as proper audio connectors. This lets you send different signals to 2 screens but only one with ME switching, the other is a seamless cut unless it is a copy of the program out.
    The how important are audio options is definitely for you to answer, but any proper switcher will pass all the embedded audio.
    As for works with izzy what do you mean? You can control the ATEMs through GVG protocol on the serial port (this would be possible but a pain in izzy and with limited function) or through the SDK (it is UDP and theoretically possible to do inside izzy but it would be a nightmare), or through something like ATEMOsc. You can also use the excellent ATEM library for arduino.
    The V1 HD takes midi but has some limitations (like knowing which side of the ME you are on, and the analogue physical fader not being motorised , which makes programmatic mixing a kind of nightmare).
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    At the workshop I have used the [Spark d-fuser]( but they only go into production again if they have enough orders (they ship it with controller they have developed, connected to the scaler via RS232) . If you you only want to control it from Isadora via RS232 you can buy the [1T-C2-750 from tv-one]( thats the same hardware as the The Spark d-fuser but a bit cheaper.
    As @Fred said Blackmagic offer a really good variety of switchers. I used an [ATEM Production Studio 4K]( with the KeepIzzyUp4Ever solution and it worked great. One problem of the ATEM Production Studio 4K it is really loud, you don't really want it sitting next to you during a show especially if you sit in the same room as the audience. A quiet alternative is the [ATEM Television Studio](, less possibilities but quiet. The Atem devices are easy controllable with [ATEM OSC]( as @Fred said.
    Best Michel

  • Gentlemen, thank you very much for your quick response; That helps a lot further: I am going to look at it in detail asap. Cheers, Thomas