PC laptop solution for school environment

  • Hi all,

    I have been using Isadora for quite a few years now and have finally convinced the school where I work to buy a license so I can start teaching students. Problem is that we do not have any good hardware to run Izzy.
    I am looking for a **reasonably priced laptop****,** we are a **PC** environment. It is like getting blood out of stone here for money. A range of options for different budgets would be appreciated so I can present reality to the powers that be.Or would I better looking at desktops??
    I'm excited about being an Izzy advocate and getting it up and running with the students!
    Thanks in advance, 
  • Izzy Guru

    Without being awkward what is 'reasonably priced'?

    Are we talking

  • Tim,

    Once I'd got over a few 'gotchas' to do with dual graphics cards, I've been very pleased with my Dell Precision m3800. The list price is a lot, but the Dell Outlet store, and eBay, have many heavily discounted.
    The Precision m3800 is basically the same as the Dell XPS15.

    However, I do think you'd get better value for money from a Desktop than a laptop...  not to mention robustness and repair-ability in a school environment

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I totally agree with using a desktop rather than a laptop, although logic and advice does not seem to part of the equation where I work. I will look into the Dell suggestions, I think our school gets discounts from Dell anyway as it is what we are all using.
    @skulpture, we are looking currently at the 500 - 800 pound range. 
    Thanks so much, if I have more questions I will be back!

  • I got an older version of this

    Needed a PC, pretty nice machine for the price.
  • Izzy Guru

    Or something along these lines:

    You can configure these and upgrade/swap things about too. Not a bad graphics card in this and you can upgrade to an i7.
    I also use buyer, a quick search:
    Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks a ton guys.

    Very helpful solutions.
    Now going begging for some money.
    Thanks again
  • Izzy Guru

    Beg beg beg!

    I hope you get what you are after. Please let us know which machine you went for :)

  • Hi I am back again,

    so we have decided for a desktop and build some little mobile station on wheels so that it can be moved to different spaces. A solution I am happy with.
    I have been trying to guide/work with the IT team. The debate has centred around graphics card vs cpu/ram pay-off. We have a budget of 1600 pounds (get discounts from Dell) and we do not get as much bang for our buck here is Switzerland. Their suggestion to buy at the moment is: 
     6th Gen Intel Core i7 – 6700
    32GB ram
    2 x 256 ssds (this is more thought for editing with premiere and after effects that we can separate OS and scratch disks)
    Nvidia Quadro K1200 4GB
    many thanks in advance.

  • Don't bother with the quadro, the extreme cost is for industrial computing applications, can be slower than a 980 with the same memory, push a bit more for a new 1070...