• Dear Alll,

    i have a Touring mac pro 5,1 / OS X 10.6.7  which was running a show in 1.3.0f16 - this peace goes on tour after 2 or 3 years now again - i was checking the computer today and it gives me the message in the attachment - i`am only able to open in demomode - i don`t want to update the computer to v2 what can i do to be able to run in full mode???


  • Tech Staff


    Please submit a support request with a topic of 'Other Registration Questions'.
    One of use will get back to you ASAP. This requires access to the license database etc, so the support ticket it the best way.
    A couple of things to include in the message.
    - Do you have a valid V1 license? (or have you upgraded the V1 license to V2?)
    - Have you used this license on other machines since using this machine last? (use count is depleted possibly)

  • Hi DusX,

    i will get the license information from the theater company hopefully soon and will submit the request...
    Thank you!

  • @DusX...it is working now (after the request) - but which is the last stable v1 version and where can i download it???

    thank you!
  • Izzy Guru


    The latest stable v1 version is the stable version of Isadora 2.2.2, even with v1 license.
    Best Michel

  • @ Michel - yes i remember - thanks!