What's the best option for a live video Mac: Processor Quad core at 2,2 GHz or dual core at 2,9 GHz?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking for buying a new MacBookPro, It will only be used for live video, only isadora installed, no Final Cut, After, etc...
    It will be used in shows that need 2 live camera input and some clips with effects applied. Only one video output. All in FullHD
    I'm having some doubts about the settings I should have, so my question is: What's the best option for a live video Mac: Processor Quad core at 2,2 GHz or dual core at 2,9 GHz?

  • The 15" has a GPU as opposed to the 13" who only has a graphics chip. I would choose GPU, RAM and storage i/o speed over processor MhZ and storage capacity any day.

  • Thanks for the advice fubbi! I did'nt know about the Gpu.

  • Izzy Guru

    Isadora is moving progressively over to GPU processing (rather than CPU).

    This means a (in VERY basic terms) that most of the coding* is written so it utilises the graphics card; as they have dedicated memory and the sole purpose of them is to process graphics.
    A good CPU is still important to do the other jobs a computer needs to do. But for visuals and separate GPU is indeed important as Fubbi suggests; I've not checked but i'm fairly sure the 13" MBP has a graphics chip on the mother board - not a separate and dedicated GPU.
    Hope this helps. 
    *I am not a coder/programmer so please forgive my basic knowledge and terminology here!
  • Tech Staff

    I also say the GPU is important.

    Next, a fast drive (ssd)
    For the CPU, I might go for the dual 2.9, since this will affect Isadora's responsiveness.
    If you use control panels, serial (dmx), midi, OSC, audio analysis...  all these will benefit from the higher speed cpu.
    If you are playing many clips that use a cpu bound codec (via AV foundation) you may want the hight cpu core count.

  • What is your capture card? If you use a black magic quad for example and native black magic capture in Isadora, I am pretty sure you will benefit more from 4 physical cores than the extra speed.

  • Thank you guys!