IMac 5K Matrox DP and Akitio with BM deckling duo 2feedback

  • Hi, I finished my last project and I propose to share my choices. After many hesitations (shared on this forum) between Hackintosh and iMac, I bought this computer and had no problem at all during 20 shows :

    The general setup was a theater piece : 2 X 720p50 live cam inputs, 1 X computer, 3 X 720p50 output ultrashort lens vpl in the set, 30 m away.
    I had each day to rebuild the set and 20 mn to tune.
    The latency was correct and the Sony Remote was really helpful.
    I was sometime projecting a 4K movie chopped on my 3 beamers and sometime projecting maximum 5 H264 720p50 movies simultaneously.
    In attached, there is the full setup. Some choices were made because I had already the product (like to chain a BM mini rec to a BM duo 2 thru the Akitio PCIe thunderbolt for the choice of a hdmi and a SDI input)
    Thanks for your all advices last spring.


  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks for sharing this. :)