BM Decklink Due 2 as output not working

  • Hi All,

    I'm new to issy and have previously had a show work fine with BM HDMI to SDI converters as output.  I am now trying to use a BM Decklink Duo 2 as 4 unique SDI Outputs from issy to the projectors.  
    We are using 2.2.2 on a current mid spec trashcan mac pro
    The problem I am having is that Issy isn't seeing the BM card as output even though its configured that way.  Qlab can see and send video to each of the 4 outputs fine.  Issy sees it as input devices from what i can see.  
    Is there something I am missing?
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    I am not sure I can answer your question about Isadora recognising your BM card. But I just wondering what kind of break out box you are using to interface the BM card with the Mac Pro?
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    What comes up here?

    Under> Output in Menu?


  • Hello,

    The video out via external device, like BM Ultra Studio Mini Monitor, doesn't works very well, I think it can be something to fix in the next release. In Qlab and Millumin in works flawlessly.

  • in the mean time till izzy has a nice video out implementation

    you could use black syphon [](
    best clemens

  • Thanks Graham,

    It you pointed me in the right direction.  I can now get one of the 4 outputs working at a time. :/
    I will try black syphon and see if it does what i need. Does anyone know if support for these devices is coming in a future edition?