Matrox dp edition doesn't give tripe full hd on mid 2105 retina MBP

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    here is a mystery to me. Matrox dp edition doesn't allow triple hd on my MPB. I'll explain why it is a mystery. I didn't choose it they gave it to me along with magnificent Christie 14.000 lumens. An offer difficult to refuse. Material is generated graphics so I don't really need absolutely full hd. But for my brain health I just want to understand 
    1) When I connect the mid 2015 MBP with 512 ssd,16gb ram i7, with double video card AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB  and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB the system propose a resolution of.... 7680 x 1446 (I swear to God see attached screenshot
    2) At the same time they claim that triple full hd is not availle in any macOS systems.... Plus I am under Sierra and it is not supported, but still... it is at the resolutions I said
    3) And at the same time in their page for "recommended GMX solutions for Mac mie is listed.... with the wrong card and hey only acknowledge ... the iris pro 5200 which is not the one I have See the second attached picture.... See second attached picture.
    Any clue why ha have so inconsistent, imprecise and totally wrong informations from Matrox. I think they are dead to me.....

    549c52-screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-10.48.45-pm.png 177f03-screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2.12.53-am.png

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    Thanks for all that detail, I have the same model MBP. Matrox have always favoured providing better support and documentation for PC.
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    you are welcome! So you can't have triple full hd? The bad news is that for the moment I can't have it even under bootcamp (windows 10). Triple Head 2go DP seems to be ALSO limited to 1360 x 768 in windows 10 on the MBP mid 15....

  • @Bonemap @Armando

    I just bought a triple DP for an installation, my conclusion on 
    MacMini 2016 (Iris),  and MBP 2014 (Iris)
    – 2 X 1920x1080
    – 3 X 1360x768
    MBP 2012 (Nvidia GT 650M)
    – 2 X 1920x1200
    – 3 X 1360x768
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    et en Boot Camp sous windows 10? t'as quoi?
    bises montréalaises

  • @Armando

    Désolé, ni windows ni bootcamp.
    Abraso parisien

  • c'est normal, tu es trop en avance, tu as le MBP de 2105, un siècle d'avance!

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    Du coup je mets 2 triple head et voila : 4 sorties full hd.

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    Matrox triple head can output full hd on a Mac.... only on 2 outputs. And since I have 2 I can have my four full hd outputs at last. Too bad...