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    Anyone used the X-Bee as a wearable tool for interactive dance? I need to track x, y and z from a dancer in a theatre space. Wii has a range problem

  • You can use it to communicate, I did, it gets messed up with a room full of smartphones. It does not give you x y and z, this is tricky...

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    @Fred thank you for your comment. So still looking for some wearable thing that transmits x,y and z. Other ideas than the X-Bee

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    thanks for the feedback.
    There are 2 types of xbee, did you use the more powerful one?
    Why would xyz be tricky?

  • surely xyz of a dancer needs to be relative to something?

    is there a way of triangulating some kind of transmitter on the dancer to two or three receivers? (or ultrasound distance readers?)
    a couple of cameras could do it via blob tracking. (i guess a kinect would be too limited in range) 

  • Getting a rotation is easy, but I think track xyz means position. Why is that tricky?? It just is! If it is rotation, then no problem, but I would say just do this with a smartphone, no need for special hardware, touchosc will do it fine.

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    I think he was relating this to wii data.. meaning a rotation on the X Y and Z.

    I understand the positioning issues.... 
    Thanks Fred.

  • I have used X-bee's with and Arduino to communicate sensor data into Isadora.  It's not too tricky, but requires some light programming (arduino/processing) and soldering skill.

    It was a while ago, but I think I used an X-bee series 1 attached to an arduino Fio board, which was in turn had a Sparkfun 9 degrees-of-freedom board attached to it. On the computer end, I had a second X-bee to receive the information that was connected to the computer via USB.  I used the Serial in actor to parse the data in Isadora.  
    I can dig up my old patch and give you more info if you want it.

  • you should check the boards from x-io