• So I'm planning on incorporating a couple of cheap LED par cans into my set up and I remember Mark had recommended various interfaces for  utilizing DMX with Isadora ( LanBoxLC, ****DMX USB Pro, ****DMX King  ).

    While researching these I came across these probably too good to be true $20 USB to DMX cables on Amazon.
    Has anyone tried to use these with Isadora? Does Isadora recognize them? 
    - R
  • Tech Staff

    I have used a number of DMXking products, all of which have worked great with Isadora.

    I have not used: http://dmxking.com/usbdmx/ultradmxmicro
    but since it is said to support "Enttec Pro compatibility" I would go with it. (personal call)

  • So it's been a while, but back when I was first researching this, only USB DMX Pro compatible interfaces worked with Isadora, not Open DMX.  I can't remember if it was a Mac specific driver problem or an Isadora specific driver problem.  Either way, the $60 dongle DusX suggests should work and is probably one of the cheapest solutions.

  • Thanks, guys!