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    I know it was mentioned in the past: http://forum.troikatronix.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1453;search_string=processing;guest=21837954&t=search_engine#1453
    hoping this is still being considered?
    I would love a scripting environment other than C++ to work with Izzy.

  • Dear DusX,

    I haven't spent much time on this possibility frankly. But is the key here that you want a scripting language (e.g., javascript) or that you specifically want Processing ?
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    I want a scripting language, that said if its possible to include/embed processing then it is clearly the more powerful option. I think that including processing would move izzy forward leaps and bounds as long as a good method of IO was defined so that it could work well with existing actors etc..
    However, javascript (as long as externals are supported) would allow some great things, for instance I just worked on a MAX patch that used javascript externals to read XML files from the web that controlled the sequencing of a story.
    I know that you are talking to people at vuo.org, that type integration would also be great since they plan to release it cross platform. Speaking as someone on a windows machine we get a little jealous of many of the mac goodies recently. However I don't know if that system really allows for script style programming either.

    I think that if you are looking to choose a scripting language you will gain more from processing if it can be integrated fully.

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    Derivative has now standardized on Python as their scripting language internal to TouchDesigner.
    That would also be a powerful scripting engine.
    Still would prefer processing I think, just due to all the media related functions ;)

  • Yes coding actors in Isadora would make it 10 times more powerful!!