Computer setup for performance

  • Hi,

    I'm new to the forum as much as new to Isadora. Just downloaded and tried a few shots. Loved!
    I believe it's a recurrent question, but didn't find it anywhere: which computer setup is best?
    Off course it depends on. My goal is to understand, from your experience, a few criteria to guide my decision.
    Let's say:
    - Processor: Safe to say "the faster, the better", right?
    - RAM: The recommendation is 4Gb, so no need to expend money on 16Gb...
    - Graphic card: I know it enhances video performance, but would be the integrated graphics of a mac mini enough or should I avoid it and go for a discrete one?
    My intention is to purchase a good machine that would do the job on live theater performances with at least two projectors and a few inputs.
  • Tech Staff

    A dedicated video card is a huge step up from an integrated one, and will make all the difference once you are working with multiple projectors  and FX.

    RAM. You could probably do a lot in Isadora with just 4gb of ram, since you can design each scene to require less, and Isadora manages loaded media very well. That said, more will allow you to more easily run additional software should you need it. Whether for development (Photoshop, premiere etc..) or to work in parallel with Isadora (Audio DAW, Processing applications etc..)
    CPU. Yes, although in Isadora v2 most video work has moved to the GPU, many things are CPU based (like Audio, tcp-ip, serial, midi, osc and more) so this is important.
    Additionally, the cpu hz is probably more important that the number of cores (some may argue.. depends on the work you are doing)
    Diskdrives. Speed is very important for video playback, and really for HD performance the only option is solid state. Running your OS on a HDD is fine... but your really need to have SSD to transfer your video footage in HD.

  • Thank you much!

    That's all I needed.