Motion Control Particles (e-motion software)

  • I have seen some discussions on particles recently and have had a request for two dancers to be moving with a sheet and for their movements to control or excite a particle system. The director did not like the 200Euro pricetag for NI-mate. UUgh. So now i have 10 days to make a motion controlled particle genertaor. Any tips would be appreciated. I would like to make it simple so that a camera looking at a stage will excite the particles, i have just not fooled with particles yet.

    thanks in advance for any help
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    If you have or can afford a Kinect, OSCeleton or Freds Skeleton Server can probably do what NI Mate would have though not quite as easily.

  • Take a look at eMotion
    I was never able to figure out how to use it for real, but I am not too good at these things anyway.
    There is an interesting program on windows EyesWeb. I used it a lot about 7-8 years ago. It is free(at least it was) and quite powerful for tracking objects off video stream. What they are up to today I do not know.

  • Dear Patrick,

    Well, it all depends on the "sheet" you intend to track. What's that like? Is there a way to use the Luminance Key or Chroma Key actor to isolate the sheet? If so, then you should be able to use Eyes or Eyes++ to track it's position, and feed the horz/vert coordinates into the 3D Particles actor.
    See Skulpture's blog, under "Basic Motion Tracking" on how to take the video from Luminance Key or Chroma Key and use it with Eyes or Eyes++.
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  • Hi, eMotion looks very interesting, is there a way to access it from Isadora?

  • Link for eMotion please... google just brings up references to "emition", i.e., the feeling.

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  • Thanks G. Will take a look to see if it has Syphon or some other way to access it.

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    Its heavily Quartz Based so the possibility of using Syphon will be very high. 

    It looks like its been updated since I last used it so maybe its a bit more user friendly these days. I remember when I used it over a year ago I looked for the Quartz Composition location but it was not file based like Izzy.

  • Well, looking through the menus I don't see options to get data (or images) in or out. I may be quartz based at some level, but it's a proper application -- i.e., it's not a quartz patch you can somehow deconstruct or get access to.

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    This might help:

    all videos;

  • @Mark there is Syphon client option for layer. I am not sure about output though.

  • It has OSC send/receive...

  • I can send Android to eMotion and control some things and can send to OSCulator; after that I cannot advance...

  • I'm finally able to use eMotion on Izzy from touchOSC via Osculator and Syphon, making progress :)

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    A screen recording or basic tutorial video would be great @bruper ;)

  • Wow, I knew there will be someone!

  • Nice one Bruno. the chain gets longer and more complicated.

  • Wow, it's an honour to see this interest from the big guys! So, from the basic just in case: I turn on Wifi on my Android smartphone, put same IP on TouchOSC as the one in my MBP, launch OSCulator, select same OSC port on the input, on the OSC routing select local host, 9000. Launch eMotion, select O on the tools for OSC, receive, 9000, update I put full on 10. Launch Syphon Recorder, Launch Isadora, QCSyphonclient+imagetovideo+projector: Done

  • i've played with emotion again this afternoon.  i was able to connect osc values from isadora to parameters in emotion and see things move/change/happen.

    the breakthrough with emotion for me was seeing an output.
    i think i might soon need to have a look at syphon.