• Dear All,

    Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year. I hope that 2017 is a prosperous and creative year for all of us that are part of the Isadora community.
    If all goes according to schedule, next Monday we will go live with the new TroikaTronix website and forum. We are completely switching the forum system, which will be hosted by Freshdesk, the same system we've been using to handle our technical support for some time now. In terms of the forum, this will mean
    • Much better searches that will automatically include all tutorials, knowledge base, items as well as forum posts.
    • A condensed and more focused set of forum categories
    • The ability to upvote forum posts and feature requests
    • A new look that is integrated with the new website
    If possible, try to avoid using the forum on Saturday January 7 + Sunday January 8th. Any new posts or comments made on these days will not be transferred to the new forum, as Freshdesk needs time to transfer the data we've exported. 
    I am working out the final details of the switch with Freshdesk, but you can expect to receive an email asking you to activate your account. Your user name (i.e., Skulpture) will remain the same, but you'll need to generate a new password and set your preferences, as these cannot be transferred from the old forum to the new forum.
    You can also expect the forum to be inaccessible on January 9th and perhaps on January 10th. (Hopefully it will only take only one day, but this is a big switch so we will be grateful for your patience!)
    We will post additional news on the switch here as needed.
    Best Wishes,