How can I control my ETC Express with Isadora?

  • I have been trying to set up Qlab to send Midi Show Control cues to my Express light board through a firebox, and it is being a pain in the you know what.  Is there an easy way that I am missing to run my lightboard with Isadora.  If you have any ideas that don't involve purchasing a bunch of additional hardware that would be most excellent, thanks


  • You can do this quite easily.  Use a MIDI send control actor with the following settings:

    Port: Whichever MIDI port you have set up with your device
    Channel: 1
    Controller: 77
    Value: Whichever whole number cue you want to fire
    Trigger: triggers the cue
    Note that you can only trigger whole number cues.  Once you reach cue 129, set Controller to 78 and start again.
    You also need to turn on MIDI in the Express.  I don't specifically remember how to do this, but it isn't that hard.

  • Thanks I will try this tomorrow!!