Welcome to the New TroikaTronix Forum! (Everyone Please Read)

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    Dear All,

    Thank you for your patience as we researched, prepared and launched this new forum. We've done our best not only to address your issues, but to provide you with a tool that will empower our community better than ever before.

    Logging In
    If you had an account on our forum prior to January 25th, 2017, you can use your old login name. Just click "Forgot Password" on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password and activate your account here. If you joined the forum after January 25th, you'll need to create a new account on this forum.

    Customize Your Setup
    The first thing you do once you register your account here is to click on your "avatar" icon at the top right and choose "Settings..." You will see that you can customize a number of things, including the "homepage" page which determines what you'll see first when you come back to the forum, and the color scheme or "skin" you will see here. Please take some time to explore the options there to ensure that the system is set up just the way you like. You can also customize your home page not only with a profile picture, but a banner image as well.

    Signature Line
    Please make sure that your signature line is up to date and includes details about your the computer you most often use to work with Isadora. Having those details available allow the Isadora team and other members of the community to help you more effectively. (Note that we imported the signatures from the old Vanilla Forum, but you cannot have HTML in those signatures. URLs will automatically become links though.)

    Navigation with the Toolbar
    Using the toolbar at the top, you can choose to how to view the posts: you can choose to see the most recent posts, the most popular posts or to sort posts by tags. Unfortunately, in this transition, we lost the tags on the old forum posts. We're going to see if there's some way to address this, but at this point we'll be starting with a clean slate.

    [NEW] About Reputation Points - Please Upvote Posts You Like
    This forum has a feature called "reputation points" which get increased when people "upvote" your topics or comments. When your reputation points are zero (which they are for all of us now) you cannot make posts faster than every 60 seconds – this is to prevent spammers from flooding the forum with junk. If you remember a post by someone that was particularly helpful, it would be great if you could go and and upvote it now to increase their reputation points.

    [NEW] Online Chat
    You can now initiate a chat with any users who are online directly in the forum! Just click on their avatar icon; then click the icon with the three vertical dots on the right and choose "Start Chat With XXX" to open a chat window. ;-)

    [NEW] Follow Specific Users

    If you like, you can receive notifications whenever a particular user makes a post. Just click his or her avatar icon to go to their home page, and then click the plus sign on their avatar.

    Deleting Posts

    One of the complaints about the previous forum was you couldn't delete your posts. You can do this here, but it's a two step process: first you must delete, and then you must choose "Purge" to actually remove it. (This is because the system we're using has option to allow only administrators only to fully remove [i.e., purge] posts.)

    Posts Between Jan. 25 and Mar. 17 2017
    As I've pointed out previously, we were unable to find a way to move discussions created between January 25th and March 13th to this new forum without adding further weeks of delay. Researching which forum would best server our needs and preparing everything so we could go live already took some time. So we made the decision to move forward, even though we'd lose those posts. (Note that you can, for the next few days anyway, still access your discussions them by going to https://troikatronix.freshdesk... - but please don't post there!)

    Let's Go!
    I and the team hope that this new forum will give you everything you missed over the last few week and a whole lot more that you'll love. We'll continue to listen to your comments and ideas to ensure we make this forum "insanely great."

    Mark Coniglio + The TroikaTronix Team

    [EDIT: making a small edit to see if it bumps up the time.]