• I need to buy a matrox triple head today, fast for a project. Can anyone confirm a recent edition matrox triple head to go display port edition will run 3xhd @1080 outputs from a retina Mac book Pro (nvidia 2gig vram)

    I had this working a few years ago but now the matrox website says it can do 5760*1080 but not on any version of OSX. Also i could only have it run at 60hz. The website now says 50hz only.

    I am worried a hardware or firmware revision removed this possibility. Can anyone confirm the max resolution and actual refresh on OSX with the th2go dp edition?



  • @Fred

    Hello Fred,

    No, I have the last triple dp edition and you can output 2 x 1080p or 3 x 720p or 3 x 1080x1024

    on matrox website you have this little footnote for 3 x 1080p

    2 Mode not available under any Mac OS X operating system.

    Sorry… With Datapath you can have 4 x 1080p

  • @Fred 

    By curiosity, I just restarted on bootcamp on the same machine and I have the same results

    2 x 1080p or 3 x 720p

    Windows 8.1 on MBP9.1 (Intel Graphics)

  • @jhoepffner Thanks for the check. I had actually gotten 3 outputs running with what must have been an older firmware and without using power desk, just telling OSX to make the big screen (this was a few years ago and I dont remember what version of OSX it was either. I tried a few firmwares with a triple head to go digital that I had lying around but no joy. It is strange that you did not get it to work on bootcamp, I would also guess it is the difference in the way the hardware is made for apple, ie it is not optimus and you cannot really select the gfx card in the same way. On the matrox site there is also a config checker that tells you what resolutions you can get from a machine with a specific gfx card.