• hi all.

    it is the first time that i work with a lanbox and I took me a while to understand how it all works. I get along well now with using the lanbox serial interface,

    but i would like to try TCP/IP. NO WAY. being quite sure that this is a "too dumb to f..." question I humbly ask:

    What are the basic installation steps ? What settings do I put in the Network Preferences of my Mac (10.11.6) (DHCP, manual....). What IP do I give to the LANBOX

    in LC-Edit ?? Do I have to save something ?? What IP do I have to use in the TCP actor ? 

    I admit that I never actually studied network connections, IP's and the like, I improvise normally and learn by doing , but this time i am stuck.

    Thanks for helping

    Hairi Vogel

  • This would be a great tutorial if someone knows how to do it properly. i have done it in the past, but i always struggle with trying all options, and then forget the solution.

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    I use a Lanbox LCX with TCP/IP.  The Lanbox has preset TCP/IP settings that are based on a local area network router i.e the lanbox default is, with subnet mask, port 4777, password 777. It is easy enough to use these default settings with a dedicated WiFi router. My Lanbox is not a WIFi model so it is attached with a short RJ45 cable to the router but the computer access is often wireless. If you are having trouble connecting TCP/IP and you need to change the Lanbox TCP/IP address, it can help to use the Lanbox software 'LCEdit'.  Access and change the TCP/IP settings of the device while it is connected with serial USB to your computer. The LCEdit software is a DMX lighting interface but has additional menus and functions that allow the device to be set-up or reset. The Tools/Global Settings menu options allow the TCP/IP to be specified - so it is here that you can change the TCP/IP setting to match your local network. I have recently used my lanbox for other things (analogue sensor input over serial port) and specifying the default TCP/IP settings in the Global Settings option TCP/IP fields using the LCEdit software was the only way I could get the TCP/IP communication with Isadora working again. The only other issue I have had is the RJ45 terminal on the Lanbox being unresponsive, perhaps due to slight corrosion or oxidisation due to humidity perhaps? I have been using the same Lanbox for 8 years and so far have found it to be very reliable for running lighting and dimmers through Isadora. Here is a quick and simple patch of a color picker addressing an RGB par can with the LanboxLCX as DMX pass through. 



  • Check this one to know more about...networking basics


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    The old LCX Lanboxes got indeed some networking issues, depends on what computer you use. I experienced on older model MAC's that autoconfig sometimes did not work, so had to manually set the port to the right settings ( I think it is even 10 Mb.....) One other thing that worries me a lot that LC Edit is broken for a long time now on OSX , and somehow new software seems to be impossible to download. Start indeed by connecting over USB and do a factory reset. Make sure the settings (table)  in LC Edit are ok for network in and DMX out! And, one other very important thing is to use the Save Lanbox Data, so your lennox keeps all your settings after restart.

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    Yes it appears the software download link is no longer easily accessible through the internet. Here is a copy of the LCEdit software package 3.4.5 March 2012 - the last update I downloaded and the last update of the software by Lanbox as far as I know.