basic connection problems with LANBOX over TCP/IP

  • hi all.

    it is the first time that i work with a lanbox and I took me a while to understand how it all works. I get along well now with using the lanbox serial interface,

    but i would like to try TCP/IP. NO WAY. being quite sure that this is a "too dumb to f..." question I humbly ask:

    What are the basic installation steps ? What settings do I put in the Network Preferences of my Mac (10.11.6) (DHCP, manual....). What IP do I give to the LANBOX

    in LC-Edit ?? Do I have to save something ?? What IP do I have to use in the TCP actor ? 

    I admit that I never actually studied network connections, IP's and the like, I improvise normally and learn by doing , but this time i am stuck.

    Thanks for helping

    Hairi Vogel

  • This would be a great tutorial if someone knows how to do it properly. i have done it in the past, but i always struggle with trying all options, and then forget the solution.

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