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    Dear Community,

    Yesterday I had issues where an Optoma projector was not recognized by my Matrox TH (DP edition). I had a backup with a Windows laptop, so there everything worked fine.

    This scenario happens so often that projector is not recognized by the machine. Is there a list you go through while troubleshooting?

    I just want to be sure I tried everything before I give up and move on to plan B or plan C.

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    My experience has been that it's usually a Matrox setup issue.. and not an issue with the projector.

    No specific steps really though.

  • Alex - does your Optoma have a RESYNC button on the remote - that could be a possible starting point when troubleshooting projection issues with Optomas.

    i hate Matrox software. if you have different brand/length of signal cables going to each projector, sometimes things go wonky in Powerdesk and you end up with a bunch of question marks where you should have happy monitors.


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    I don´t have anymore access to that specific Optoma, but good to know about the RESYNC on the remote. I have another one at my disposal, so next time I run into the a similar problem, I will definitely try that one.

    Yes the Matrox software can create a bunch of question marks 😠