• This one is for windows users, there is a device called a multi stream transport hub or MST hub, they are designed to take a 4k display port 1.2 input and output a variety of resolutions. It is not as hacky as the matrox gear, but it is limited to PC and limited resolutions, although better than the matrox stuff. It is basically a quad splitter (although there are triple output versions) so it splits a 4k image into 4 HD outputs.

    You can get mini display port varieties that should work under bootcamp from your macbook pro, however dont expect it to work without a video card. If your video card supports displayport 1.2 it should work. They are seen as a single display, they will also work fine with the normal display port output. Modified versions of these are used by a very very expensive media server system to support 16 HD outputs from 4 x 4k "screens".

    The kicker is the price:


    There are some cheaper on Amazon too for the US.

  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks for sharing. For the 4 output one, here is the link.


  • Tech Staff

    Seems that 1/4 output splitting in stage setup is due. @mark 

  • Izzy Guru

    @DusX said:

    Seems that 1/4 output splitting in stage setup is due. @mark 

     You know I was just thinking that... really we (troikatronix) should buy one and check it out.