Can't capture camera to disk with blackmagic intensity shuttle driver

  • Dear all,

    I Can't capture vidéo to disk when using blackmagic driver in isadora live capture menu. Red "Camera" indicator is flashing on the right bottom of isadora.

    But when I use apple driver with blackmagic selection, I'm able to write to disk.

    Apple driver is not as efficient atahn blackmagic one though. BE, It is only interleaced video acquisition.

    Anyone with that problem ? Any solution ? :)

    thank you,


  • Tech Staff

    Have you tested thru the Blackmagic software? 
    The settings need to match exactly, this can be a little more detailed in setup than other 'QuickTime' options.

    What is your capture source?
    What platform are you on?
    What version of Isadora?

  • @DusX

    Thank you for you answer.

    Thru the black magic software, it is Ok. It captures well.

    What I'd like to do is capture with stages mapping on, what I do under the camera will then implement my video creation : ex using a pen to highlight objects on a wall.

    Thru Isadora, it's ok with apple driver (who detects blackmagic).

    I'm macosX Sierra. mac book retina 15p, I7, nvidia 750m. Capture source : HV30 1920*108050i, Blackmagic intensity shuttle USB3. Isadora 2.5.1.

  • Tech Staff


    I ask about the source because capturing from my canon dslr t3i the output changes between the preview and record mode.

    Preview mode has overlays while record mode does not, unfortunately the driver doesn't adapt.


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