Can't capture camera to disk with blackmagic intensity shuttle driver

  • I am having the same problem, trying it with two setups:

    setup A :

    • Intensity Shuttle usb
    • MAC book pro retina mid 2014
    • OS Yosemite  10.10.5
    • Isadora 2.6.1


    • shows both APPLE and BLACKMAGIC drivers
    • APPLE driver has some black magic options (eg Blackmagic 1080i50 8bit etc), as well as usual Facetime camera
    • will provide a live video input through both drivers
    • WILL capture camera to disk using APPLE driver
    • WILL NOT capture camera to disk using BLACKMAGIC driver

    setup B :

    • Intensity Pro card
    • MAC Pro pro 2 x 2.4 quad core Intel Xeon
    • ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB
    • OS El Capitan 10.11.6
    • Isadora 2.6.1
    • USB2 inputs (so cant use my Intensity Shuttle)


    • shows only BLACKMAGIC drivers
    • will provide a live video input through the BLACKMAGIC driver
    • WILL NOT capture camera to disk using BLACKMAGIC driver

    any insiught appreciated!

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    Have you tried *every* individual Blackmagic setting ? As @DusX said, it needs to match exactly but it can change between preview and capture and depending on the device. Try selecting each Blackmagic setting and see if one of them works.

    Another idea for a workaround (screenshot and Patch below):


  • @woland @DusX - apologies, I should have clarified - I'm not using a DSLR, just a sony handycam. But I think the same challenge still applies - how to capture to disk in izzy, via BM hdmi, using the blackmagic driver. (And also, why does the Apple driver not show BM options for the Intensity Pro?)

    That said, I will double check every BM setting. Usually there is only one anyway that provides a live feed.

    I like your workaround! Sadly though I also need to capture the audio at the same time.

    thanks again for your help

  • @videosmith First determine exaclt what your output is, youcan do this fast by pluggining into a modern LCD, usually they will show you the input format, like 1080p25 or whatever the camera is outputting (often this is not the same as the recording mode). Use that info to select the correct Blackmagic setting, each of the settings in the blackmagic capture represent a single resolution and refresh rate, you need to know this, it does not automatically select it for you.

    Some resolutions that the blackmagic can use are not listed by the apple drivers, that is one of the reasons we have the choice, for example the 25p resolutions available to the BM capture drivers are not seen by the apple drivers. Trust that Isadora will show you the resolutions available to each system. It is up to you to know what resolution you camera is outputting and some manufacturers (of consumer and prosumer) are not clear on this, the BM gear is aimed at a different market and requires you have some info about your capture source.

  • I’ll add that I usually use Blackmagic Media Express to get the video input settings - with the device selected, it should show the resolution and framerate it’s capturing at near the bottom of the window.

    Blackmagic’s Desktop Video Setup is supposed to do this too, but I find that it lies frequently. 

  • @fred thankyou for this - I realise that you have to match the correct input format.  I've previously been using @mwasser's suggestion of using Blackmagic Media Express to get the settings.

    I am able to get a live feed into izzy. My objective is to use the CAPTURE CAMERA TO DISK actor, to record a clip to the hard drive, for playback in another scene. However, this only appears to be possible using the Apple driver, not the Blackmagic driver.

    To compound things, on the install machine at the museum, it can't see any live feed available through the Apple drivers :S

    I know we must be missing something simple...

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    I will run some tests, but are you able to use 'capture stage to disk' as a work around?

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    I have reproduced the issue. There is a problem recording the camera when the BlackMagic driver is being used.

    I am able to record when using the Apple driver.

    If possible use the Apple driver, or use the 'Record Stage to Movie' function (this works with either driver).

    I am entering the bug report, so that this can be fixed for an upcoming release.

  • @dusx unfortunately I can't use capture stage to disk as I need to also capture the sound.

    An odd thing - I can capture using the Apple driver on my laptop (see above), but the Mac Pro at the museum cannot even see the camera using Apple. We have now bought an intensity shuttle but no joy. I have tried adding all my quicktime components to their machine, but still no joy.


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    As far as I know Isadora does not record sound at all. What I did use is soundflower and send video and sound to the syphon recorder that captures video and sound. So you route video to syphon and the sound to soundflower and set the sources you want to record in the syphon recorder.

    Best Michel

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    I think Soundflower is now defunct, isn't it? I've started using iShowU Audio Capture successfully.

    Best wishes, 


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    The codecs not showing up under Apple, is a Quicktime registration issue I believe.
    I would uninstall all BM software on the machine where the options are not listed and reinstall it, hopefully updating the quicktime driver in the process.

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    Just tried it on Sierra and it works.

    Best Michel

  • @dusxthanks for the tips

  • @michel I can usually capture camera to disk (both audio and video as one file). I know capture stage to disk does not include sound though.

  • @dusx did you also test this on windows. I gave it a go and capture camera does not work. The capture driver still says apple or blackmagic (pretty sure it is using direct show on windows), just a bit messy. Capture settings are flaky as hell and many combos give crashes with blackmagic hardware and non blackmagic driver (this combo did give a capture camera to disk for a few seconds once, but I could not get it back, and blackmagic driver and capture camera to disk straight up does not work). Codec settings seem not to stick. Seems like the capture camera stuff with blackmagic hardware is a mess/not tested before distribution.

  • @dusx this worked! thankyou so much. I can now see the camera using the Apple driver on the Mac Pro, and so capture to disk using this.

    I also installed Quicktime player 7 on the machine at the same time, and upgraded to Pro with my serial, so it could have been a factor. However, I think ultimately it was your advice to deinstall and reinstall the Blackmagic Desktop software.


  • @fred
    I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're saying, but I'm not having any trouble capturing to disk or to stage using  Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle on Windows. I'm using the Thunderbolt version, not the USB one. Here are my settings in Isadora for the capture.
    Capture Camera to Disk works fine.

    [it shows it as Blackmagic WDM Capture 2 as I also have a Blackmagic Mini Recorder attached, which Isadora sees as Blackmagic WDM Capture 1].

    BUT when I try and use the Blackmagic (as opposed to the Apple) drivers, the video in works fine (as you can see from the preview), but I can't capture the video stream with Capture Camera to Disk

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    This is the same as what I found. 

    I have entered a bug report regarding capture camera to disk with BM.

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    I am glad you have it working now.