4 channel audio with Movie Player

  • I am trying to pan 4 channel audio using movie player under OSX using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. When the snd out of the movie player is set to default, the audio plays out of output channels 1 and 2 and I can pan using the movie player's pan control, but when  snd out is set to e1-2, the audio plays out of output channels 1 and 2 but I cannot pan using movie players' pan control. When  snd out is set to e3-4, the audio plays from output channels 3 and 4 but I can pan using movie player's pan control. Is this normal? Should snd out be set to default when I want to pan the output between channels 1 and 2?

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  • @dritter In the media bin do you see 4ch next to the movie name?

  • Fred, the movies have 2 channels (stereo) audio. I plan on playing 3 different movies simultaneously, each with with stereo audio. The plan is that the audio of movie #1 will output to channel 1 of the audio interface, the audio of movie #2 will output to channel 2 of the audio interface,and the audio of movie #3 will output to channel 3 of the audio interface. I had planned on doing this by assigning e1-2 or e3-4 to a movie player and then panning its audio right or left to select the singe channel. This is working with e3-4 but not with e1-2

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  • @dritter is there a reason you did not make a multi channel file with all the tracks?

    You can also just edit your file with QuickTime 7 and reasign the tracks there.

  • Perhaps I should have asked the question very simply as why I cannot pan the audio when snd out is set to e1-2?

  • @dritter

    QuickTime does not allow you to pan a stereo track. Instead, you need to make a mono track. It's a limitation of the Quicktime, and there's unfortunately nothing to be done about it except to move to four mono tracks.

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  • Thank you  Mark, that was it. All is working fine with a mono track. Also, my other problem with the edge blend actor has disappears since I started using 2.5.1. 

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