Experiencing lags and other inconsistencies in 2.5.1

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    If anybody has ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    Recently, my old faithful Isadora usb key broke so right now I'm on a temporary license, which caused me to upgrade to 2.5.1 from 2.2.2. When I did, a show that I'm in the process of remounting is experiencing a lot of lag times between scene and occasional other bad behaivor (movies not playing one time but then playing the next time I enter the scene). But it's mostly the lags...a 0 second jump will take 5 seconds or more to go. Again, the show ran seamlessly before the upgrade. I don't know if I should uninstall and try to step back down, or what. I did see that creative cloud was causing some slow downs and so I uninstalled all my adobe products and ran the cleaner tool, but it hasn't seemed to help. I leave for tour on Tuesday so I'm getting a little panicky. Does anybody have any ideas? Or should I be looking for anything else that might be causing this?



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  • Well, unfortunately, I'm in the same boat.  On my macbook pro running El Capitan, 2.5.1 was giving me lots of weird behavior, so I'd been using 2.4.5b20 with pretty good results.  I recently upgraded to a trash can Mac Pro running Sierra, and as I'm building my current show, both 2.5.1 and 2.4.5b20 give me the same results as jrhooker (the lags are the worst).  I've also had multiple crashes, as well as sometimes scenes continuing to play when I'm not currently in any scene.  Any thoughts?  Do I downgrade to El Capitan? Is a beta addressing some of these issues available?

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  • Yep, since it's a fairly new computer, I actually did a fresh install of Sierra to take out all of my adobe programs, but I was still having problems.  However, in experimenting a bit more, I found that I was only experiencing problems in scenes with the movie players' optimization set to "performance."  Once I changed everything to "interactive," I've had no problems.  Note that this is only in 2.4.5b20; 2.5.1 is still not working correctly for me.  I'll file a formal bug report later today.  Thanks!

  • Take a look at my thread https://community.troikatronix..., I was having a lot of trouble, then got a new beta that was really amazing, I was playing with AVfoundation (performance mode) and 5760 * 1080 movies, it crossfaded and jumped through scenes like butter on a 2013 macboo pro with the 2 gig nvidia GFX card. This really was one of the best versions of izzy I ever used.

  • Thanks, Fred!  I filed an official bug report and requested the beta.  While 2.4.5b20 is working passably for me, I'm still getting some weird happenings, including a pretty severe slow down when scrolling through the media bin.  Hopefully I get the beta, and all will be solved!

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  • Since I'm having the same problems, does anyone know where I can download 2.4.5b10? I want to regress for a show coming up soon... and it is no longer on the download web page.



  • Thanks for all this info on this thread. I thought I had quieted my bugs long enough to get through this show, but -- of course -- they all came crashing back (literally) during a fairly short put-in yesterday. What helped was getting rid of a couple of rogue qt codecs so that now everything is playing through avc...but last night the lags and crashes came back. @MarkTroika ... how does one get a copy of this Beta that @Fred mentions. I have dress rehearsal (for vips) tonight. Gulp.

  • ...or @crystalhorizon 

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    anyone wanting to install a current beta, please submit a support request.