ArtNet Experts - What Would you Like to See in Isadora

  • Hello All,

    So, in addition to following up on normal bugs, I'm working some ArtNet plugins. I'm curious to hear what ways of sending and receiving data you'd envision in your wildest dreams.

    One thing that seems to be true is that when you send a DMX universe of data (512 channels of data) you pretty much need to send the whole thing. So the idea of sending individual channels is problematic without using the same Matrix Value Send/Matrix Value Receive combo used in the Enttec DMX User Actor demo.

    In any case, I'm a newbie when it comes to ArtNet. Please educate me about the features you want to see. (And if you're interested, we'll get you in on the beta of this.)

    Best Wishes,

  • Beta Platinum

    d3 can do it. (via trial download)

    Also: WYSIWIG 

    And DMX Workshop by Artistic License - can transmit arnet on loopback or actively across a network.

    ^ Info not from me; via students.

  • Well, apparently I'm duplicating myself. I'll read this over (you can too) and we'll continue the discussion here.


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