• Apparently nvidia have loosened up the reigns on 10bit output with any of the gtx cards that support hdmi 2.0. however it is not as flexible as the quadro cards that have wider 10 bit support, (but still pretty limited).

    I found this snippet of info:

    Nvidia consumer class cards (Geforce GTX) can only output 10 bit color in a Direct X11 exclusive fullscreen mode. 

    I need a 10 bit end to end pathway for a project and was wondering if anyone can answer if Isadora on PC uses direct x11 fullscreen mode. And a long shot, if anyone has a true 10bit monitor to test on. I only have access to a fake ish one that dithers.

    I'm guessing i have to @MarkTroika for this.


  • Hi, Fred

    I think Isadora uses OpenGL for rendering, not DirectX. So not possible I would say.

    Wrong ?


  • @Fred

    Isadora uses OpenGL because it is cross platform for Mac and Windows. So I  the answer is "no" regarding DirectX 11 output.

    Best Wishes,

  • @Fred 

    You can Spout to vvvv and use a DX11 renderer from vvvv maybe.


  • @mark Will Isadora process colour at 10bit? @keftaparty, does spout pass images at 10 bit? I am guessing it is all on the gfx card and is floating point?