How to switch hdmi source on TVs without having a display menu

  • Hi there.

    I'm working on a performance where we have 3 TV monitors displaying

    - direct image from CCTV cameras. The camera is AHD, it runs through a DVR, and DVR gives HDMI signal in the TV.

    At the same time, I'd like to switch input on the same monitor running from my PC (HDMI cable)

    I have bought an HDMI switch, to stay on the same HDMI input of the TV. 

    My main problem is that when I switch from one source to the other the TV DISPLAY SHOWS THE SWITCH (f.e. HDMI 3, 1080p@60HZ).

    IS there a way to disable any display menu on a new TV monitor? I've got a SHARP aquos TVs. 

    If not, what can I do? get a hardware video mixer? I hope this is clear enough, hope to hear your thoughts soon!

  • Tech Staff

    turning off the display text is probably a product by product issue.. dig into the manual I guess.

    Can you bring the cctv feed into isadora and do the switch in software, so that you only have the one output?

  • @eratatat You will need a seamless switcher, the one you have is doing exactly the same as unplugging and replugging the signal. It si pretty much impossible to find a monitor that will not notify you of a signal loss or to turn off all warnings. There are a lot of TVOne boxes that can do what you want as well as blackmagic gear. Basically you need a video mixer, there is no other way to keep the sync ramp to the screen. I think the cheapest option is the roland V1HD.

  • Right, thanks a lot! I've redesigned the monitor set up slightly as I reached a dead end with what I was doing. CCTV camera signal and signal from computer is anyway different type. Did a workaround with putting all cameras on one monitor and now sending signal from my computer to the other ones.

    @Fred I had a look at the roland v1hd, looks great, no budget for it I'm afraid.

  • I solved this issue using LG Plasma TVs (specifically 50PK350) and controlling them via RS232... there was a hex code you could send to disable the OSD, and then do all the input switching over serial, but sadly can’t find the command anymore in my archives.