• I just noticed that I cannot use Sound Player to playback two different sound files to the same output channel. If I play one file using one a Sound Player actor, this actor will switch off if I use another Sound Player to output to the same output channel. I just checked, and this was not happening in Isadora 2.1. How can I play two audio files to the same output channel using 2.5.1 with a 4 channel audio interface?

    Also, with a 4 channel audio card connected to my macbook, how can I play one audio file to 4 audio channels using 2.5.1?

    thank you

  • Hmm, I thought it was always the case that you couldn't play more than one file on one channel, but maybe I'm mistaken.  I think you'll need to go into sound output setup, change channel 1 to ext.1-2, channel 2 to ext. 3-4, channel 3 to ext 1-2, etc...  That way you can play files on discrete "channels," but they will be routed to the same output.  Same with your second question, you'd just need two players running concurrently on channel 1 and 2 for example.  Did I explain that correctly?

  • I think it was actually always like that (and  think it's in the actor help..)

    If you want to play several sound files, just set it to different channels, then you can set these channels to the same output and you're good.

  • I overlooked this solution because for many years I had always sent multiple sound files to the same channel. I just tested your approach and solves my problem. many thanks.