• I know the GTX series can handle 4 outputs simultaneuosly, I am building a system for 4 outputs and a control screen. Do I get any disadvantages if I use the onboard GPU for the control screen, but 4 stages being output from the GTX 1080?

  • You can use the intel gpu but make sure that your primary display is running out of the nvidia card. This is because the primary card is the one that handles the processing. The secondary outs, including the built-in ones then just route the signal while the intel GPU is bypassed. There are no disadvantages and the same method is used in laptops where you can switch between intel and dedicated gpu while using the same ports.

  • @LPmode The primary monitor makes some sense , but it would be great to get some confirmation on this, I thought that the work would be done by the card connected to the physical output. 

    I'm not sure about this :"This is because the primary card is the one that handles the processing. The secondary outs, including the built-in ones then just route the signal while the intel GPU is bypassed" The system I will use has no shared ports between the built in and dedicated gpu, the dedicated is a PCIe card and the path between the two is a very long slow one, so any textures created on the dedicated card would be on a slow boat to the built in GPU outputs. Are you sure about this, I know similar things can happen in a laptop with optimus, but they share some physical hardware, and both cards pass final textures to the same memory space to be output.

    I know there are issues using Izzy with multiple GFX cards, I want to make sure that I will not get these problems by using the built in card to show my GUI.


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    I dont have the hardware to test right now.. so this is from memory.
    If you do not use the 'shared opengl resources' you should be able to utilize both cards are you are planning.
    With this option active, you may run into problems.
    One thing that may be a problem either way is using Controls like the Monitor control and especially the Stage preview control.
    I know some progress has been made in improving this workflow, but I don't know the current status. (my machines have the onboard video disabled)

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    I am having this problem. I am ordering a GTX1080 ti for a new build.

    The GTX1080 Ti founders edition only has 5 outputs, BUT The DVI and HDMI are linked so you can not use the 5th.

    The only way around it is to use a motherboard with a seperate single output. Which limits you on the motherboards you can use as most of the super high end MOBO's do not have integrated graphics. 

    I will try and find out which MOBO I am using... 

  • i can go with multiple cards i need b but i am curious about the limitations. I don't mind not being able to send a video to multiple cards, i can split the load accordingly. If avoiding this and avoiding stage previews can leave me with full performance on the outputs I'll be fine. Maybe @mark can answer.

    I got some unclear answers about nvidia support from MST hubs, I'll test one out with a 1080 later this month and see what happens.


  • Ok, the documentation is hazy but I got a clear confirmation from EVGA about the use of MST hubs and the GTX 1080 cards. 

    The number of monitors GTX 1080  and GTX 1080 Ti cards can support at any given time is 4 regardless of the resolution. They can support higher resolutions however using a hub on a DisplayPort would be limited to that ports bandwidth so the maximum resolution on the card's port would have to be split between the ports on the hub. You can see what resolutions the different ports can reach here.

    The link is https://www.evga.com/support/f...

    The GeForce GTX 10 series updates Displayport to 1.4 which supports the following resolutions and max refresh rates: 3840x2160@ 144Hz 5120x2880@ 120Hz 7680x4320@   60Hz

    And further about the EVGA MST hubs

    We do have a three port DisplayPort hub here however it's maximum resolution per monitor would be 1920x1080 as it would divide up a 5760x1080 resolution bandwidth between the three monitors.

    So still not super clear, but it seems that an MST hub would get extra HD monitors (not sure how many, apparently Nvidia dont adhere to the protocol and you can get 3 outputs, but I cannot find anyone who tested with a 10x card. BTW this is pretty much the method D3 uses to get 16 outputs from the W9100 fire pro card, but they have specially made modules.

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    Just a little update:

    As mentioned above, this is the mobo I think I will be using;


    It has it's own onboard graphics; HDMI, DP, DVI, etc but packs enough punch to be used with all the other components I need.