Motion tracking and geometric deformation - how to do it?

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    I am attempting to do some obvious motion tracking and geometry deformation that will work with a dancer appearing to manipulate projected geometry on a vertical wall and gauze. I have got as far as 'Eyes++' and the '3D mosaic' but am wondering if there is a way that will provide better options and frame rates with Isadora? In the linked clip below I am using video of fabric as a stand in for live capture of the dancer.

    If anyone has advice I would be glad to hear it.



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    I have used the mapper to warp using many published points from a grid.

    Not sure if you can rotate the output as you have it... maybe by turning on the projectors 3d options.

    I found it was gpu heavy as a technique but was rather flexible.

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    There is a thought - i will have a look at the mapper although i have the assumption it will be difficult to integrate into separate scenes and transitions. - thanks for the insight Ryan.