Isadora Werkstatt 2017 Tickets are On Sale!

  • Dear Community,

    Tickets for the Isadora Werkstatt 2017 have gone on sale, and like last year they are going fast. The "hands-on" workshops will fill up first since they are limited to 15 participants. If you want to join the Isadora community in Berlin for workshops, lectures, Isadora-centered performances and more, we encourage you to purchase your ticket soon.

    To see the program and purchase tickets, please visit the Werkstatt 2017 page at 

    We hope to see you in Berlin!

    Best Wishes,

  • I pitched this idea last year, when I thought tickets were sold out and I wouldn't be able to attend, and I'll pitch it again this year, as I know I can't attend, with my wife at a conference in New Orleans that week:

    Would you consider some sort of teleconference ticket?  I know you posted the keynote address last year, but what about some of the individual classes?  It wouldn't be the same experience as being there (indeed, the best part of last year's Werkstatt was meeting and chatting with fellow Isadora users between sessions), but it would give us poor souls at home a chance to follow along and learn some new things.  Thoughts?

  • I am with @knowtheatre on this. There are numerous platforms for online interaction that may be suitable. It requires 1 or 2 people on site, good bandwidth, camera and audio to mediate the interaction with remote participants. We could run a poll to nominate sessions for streaming.

  • good idea the teleconference! For sure there is a lot of technitian able to do it directly in the venue, a big save for Mark ;-)

    btw for next years it's a very good idea