Advice for custom build pc with 6 video outputs?

  • Hi,

    Can someone give me some advice for choosing the best hardware setup for Isadora.

    I am going to custom build a new computer for a performance but I am not sure of the best hardware configuration.

    It is not important if it is a PC or a Mac computer, but maybe a PC will give me more possibilities in choosing the right hardware and also getting more powerfull CPU, GPU and more RAM for less money

    My budget is about 3000-3500$ for the computer alone.

    I will need to output to 6 displays, a mix of 2 projectors and 4 monitors. 5 output on stage and one for Isadora. Preferable 1080x1920. It must be possible to play 5 different video clips at a time, some with effects applied.

    I am also going to have 1 video input from a Marshall cv502 camera connected to a Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K (I already have the marshall camera and the decklink).

    What is the best way of getting 6 video outputs?

    I am thinking of maybe using two or more graphic cards with dual or tripple outputs, is that possible?


  • @Jgelting go for a 1080ti and then use a single MST hub, turn off any integrated GFX and get a 1080ti with 4x Display port outputs. The MST hub will get 4x HD outputs from a single display port and then you have 3 other display port outputs, this gets you the 6 outputs and a control screen all from one video card. I just built a machine like this (but with a blackmagic duo 4x SDI input) and it is pretty amazing.

    Only other real option is the over priced and outdated AMD W9100 fire pro.

  • @Fred

    The 1080ti with a MST hub sounds like a good solution. It will give me 6 displays on the scene + 1 control screen

    I have no experience with the MST hub, does it make one wide display like a tripplehead2go, or does it make 4 independent displays?

    If I go with the 4x MST hub, do I have to connect a display to all 4 ports or can I connect only 2 or 3?

  • @Jgelting I had seen one system where it made a large display (like a matrix triple head) but apparently this was not standard and the unit I have and apparently all of them, make separate displays. Yes you can add as many as you need, there does not have to be 4.